1940 U.S. Federal Census of Lakeside in Jefferson County, Jefferson, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Jefferson County > 1940 Census of Lakeside in Jefferson County

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames H Surnames K Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames

B Surnames

BennettBeatrice Eborn about 1922
BlazierEdwin Bborn about 1910
BlazierHazel Eborn about 1913
BlazierKenneth Deanborn about 1933
BlazierShirley Annborn about 1935

C Surnames

CoulsonSadie born about 1887
CoulsonThomas born about 1882

D Surnames

DepewAndrew Oborn about 1911
DepewBeverley Jeanborn about 1937
DepewJack Leeborn about 1935
DepewPauline Mborn about 1917

E Surnames

ElkinsDonald Leeborn about 1938
ElkinsGlena Mborn about 1913
ElkinsRoy Eborn about 1907
ElkinsShirley Jeanborn about 1935

F Surnames

FleerDaniel Aborn about 1896
FleerDoris Iborn about 1930
FleerDorothy Maeborn about 1928
FleerMargaret Mborn about 1922
FleerMyrle Lborn about 1922
FleerPhyllis Jeanborn about 1933
FleerRuth Mborn about 1896

H Surnames

HaleLoyal Mborn about 1912
HaleMae Eborn about 1912
HaleRichard Lborn about 1933

K Surnames

KingCharles Wborn about 1875
KingJennie Lborn about 1876
KingWilliam Lynnborn about 1901
KrasnerBenjamin born about 1888

P Surnames

PlattEdith Woodborn about 1891
PlattTimothy Gborn about 1880

R Surnames

RogersDora Wborn about 1896
RogersEdward Eborn about 1895
RogersEdward Lborn about 1930
RuttnerJennie born about 1887
RuttnerMartie born about 1890

S Surnames

SpencerAlfred born about 1901
SpencerFrances Nadineborn about 1928
SpencerMae Vborn about 1900

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