1940 U.S. Federal Census of Lowson, Clear Creek, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Clear Creek County > 1940 Census of Lowson

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A Surnames

AdamsJoe Lborn about 1900
AllenJean born about 1934
AllenRuth born about 1917
AndersonElizabeth born about 1903
AndersonJ born about 1888
AndersonWalter Eborn about 1893

B Surnames

BartonMary Eborn about 1882
BednorskiAnthony Dborn about 1930
BensonCatherine born about 1905
BensonEner born about 1896
BomlesJ Hborn about 1871
BridgeEmma born about 1885
BridgeJoseph Fborn about 1928

C Surnames

CaldwellMildred born about 1918
CaldwellR Alphborn about 1934
CaldwellRobert born about 1938
CaldwellT Mborn about 1906
CarlsonCarl Augustborn about 1880
CarlsonEris born about 1906
CarlsonEvelyn born about 1916
CarlsonGeraldin Eborn about 1925
CarlsonIda born about 1897
CarlsonJ Hborn about 1882
CarlsonMoxine born about 1925
CarlsonRaymond born about 1938
ComerElmer born about 1893

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D Surnames

DruryHelen born about 1914
DruryJan born about 1939
DruryWilliam born about 1915
DurallChas Eborn about 1899
DurallEvelyn born about 1909

G Surnames

GustafsonCharles born about 1933
GustafsonJames born about 1931
GustafsonLaura born about 1911
GustafsonS Lborn about 1904
GustafsonViolet born about 1930

H Surnames

HallamClara Marieborn about 1936
HallamEdith born about 1915
HallamHenry Leeborn about 1911
HallamRoger Dborn about
HardmanDonora Mborn about 1939
HardmanJ Cborn about 1900
HardmanJames Allenborn about 1931
HardmanNancy Annborn about 1932
HardmanThelma Mborn about 1915
HaynesEthelyn born about 1890
HaynesStanley born about 1895
HochstedlerBeverly born about 1922
HochstedlerHerbert born about 1916
HochstedlerJames L Jrborn about
HochstedlerLloyd Jborn about 1917
HollingsheadJeanette born about 1918
HollingsheadPhyllis born about 1893
HuynesJr born about 1934
HuynesMrs born about 1902
HuynesRussel born about 1897

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J Surnames

JarvisHenry born about 1910
JohnsonCharles born about 1888
JohnsonErnest born about 1914
JohnsonFlossie born about 1914
JohnsonGertrude born about 1891
JohnsonMargaret born about 1892
JohnsonOscar born about 1896
JohnsonRagner born about 1908

K Surnames

KembleHarry Tborn about 1889
KiblerCleta born about 1937
KiblerLillian born about 1934
KiblerVelma born about 1914
KiblerVirgil Cborn about 1909

L Surnames

LaddC Mborn about 1899
LaddE Dborn about 1873
LaddE Mborn about 1933
LaddV Iborn about 1936
LaddW Eborn about 1928
LandAugust born about 1884
LeffGene born about 1920
LipsComb Mikeborn about 1873
LirelyCharles Sborn about 1865
LirelyWilliam Fborn about 1862

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M Surnames

MarihughEdward Geoborn about 1894
McAdamsA Bborn about 1932
McAdamsBarbara born about 1939
McAdamsBert born about 1903
McAdamsClarence born about 1935
McAdamsGladys born about 1909
McAdamsJ Tborn about 1936
McAdamsMaybelle born about 1928
McAdamsPatricia born about 1938
McCartyChas born about 1872

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N Surnames

NurgesonClarence born about 1918

O Surnames

ObryanWilliam born about 1889

P Surnames

PalmerR Hborn about 1888
PowellElsie Mborn about 1904
PowellFred Gborn about 1894

R Surnames

RusselBarry born about 1930
RusselClaude Lborn about 1898
RusselEssie born about 1903
RusselJerry born about 1935
RusselRobert Wborn about 1925
RusselWilliam Lborn about 1921

S Surnames

SantoEra born about 1901
SantoMike born about 1901
ShortCharles born about 1935
ShortNora born about 1915
ShortWell C Aborn about 1904
SpenceGeo Washingtonborn about 1890
SpenceHazel Ruthborn about 1935
SpenceVelma born about 1912

T Surnames

TewsCharley born about 1889
ThombsonA Jborn about 1870
ThombsonLydia Wborn about 1888
ThorpCarol Gborn about 1938
ThorpJoe Davidborn about 1939
ThorpRosa Leeborn about 1914
ThorpRoy Mborn about 1935
ThorpW Lborn about 1911

W Surnames

WalkerRuth born about 1912
WalkerT Wborn about 1900
WasemBertha Lborn about 1869
WestA Rborn about 1916
WestG Eborn about 1922
WestM Dborn about 1925
WhitecombBud born about 1900
WillisAlbert born about 1918

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