1940 U.S. Federal Census of Mesita, Costilla, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Costilla County > 1940 Census of Mesita

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames Q Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BarelaBenjamin born about 1928
BarelaCarmel born about 1925
BarelaFelip born about 1931
BarelaJoe Dborn about 1891
BarelaJohn born about 1924
BarelaSilla born about 1903
BarelaWilliam born about 1921

C Surnames

CarreyDon Walterborn about 1935
CarreyJuan Royborn about 1937
CarreyMary Janeborn about 1882
CarreyMichael Jborn about 1875
CarreyPatricia Janeborn about 1933
CarreyWalter Jborn about 1904
CarreyZinna born about 1907
CarterDavid born about 1937
CarterEdward Kborn about 1922
CarterFrank Kborn about 1913
CarterHelen born about 1916
CarterLyman Wborn about 1879
CarterStella born about 1920
CatlinFlossie born about 1895
CatlinRobert born about 1922
CatlinRobert Cborn about 1889
CrounkCecil Fborn about 1916
CrounkLetha born about 1915
CrounkMaxine born about 1938
CrounkWillene born about 1937

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F Surnames

FordJames Sborn about 1911
FordNellie May Infantborn about 1940
FordViola born about 1921

G Surnames

GritzGeorge Mborn about 1915
GritzJoan born about 1936
GritzNeomah born about 1915
GritzVera born about 1933

H Surnames

HalmesGary Leeborn about 1939
HalmesHenery born about 1901
HalmesLoraine born about 1916
HarnLe Roy Rborn about 1899
HarrisonLucile born about 1919
HarrisonRobert born about 1939
HarrisonWayne born about 1914

J Surnames

JansenGrace born about 1887
JansenWilliam Jborn about 1886

L Surnames

LentzBuelah born about 1914
LentzDavid born about 1939
LentzDonald born about 1936
LentzHarrold born about 1930
LentzLillia born about 1933
LentzLorraine born about 1931
LentzPhillip Hborn about 1906
LindseyWilliam Hborn about 1876

M Surnames

MarkwellBrooks Fborn about 1911
MarkwellEunice born about 1912
MarkwellQuentin born about 1936
MartinezMargaret born about 1923
MathesBobby Donborn about 1929
MillerWilliam Hborn about 1863
MondragonGrace born about 1921
MondragonJuan born about 1938
MondragonTony born about 1906
MondragonTony Juniorborn about 1937

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N Surnames

NellEdward born about 1939
NellNettie born about 1938

O Surnames

OringdulphGeorge Mborn about 1911
OringdulphHildreth born about 1916
OringdulphLydia born about 1877

P Surnames

PattersonElizabeth born about 1864

Q Surnames

QuillerEdna born about 1918
QuillerFreddie born about 1936
QuillerHelen born about 1919
QuillerHenery Wborn about 1910
QuillerHerbert Cborn about 1914
QuillerJudith born about 1938
QuillerMarjorie born about 1925

R Surnames

RegnierLouis born about 1885
RescorlaHoward born about 1906
RescorlaLeola born about 1919
RosmsussenHazel born about 1924
RosmsussenHilda born about 1895
RosmsussenMaxine born about 1934
RosmsussenRuby born about 1926
RosmussenPeter born about 1887

S Surnames

ShellCharles Eborn about 1882
ShellDella Kborn about 1886
ShellHarold born about 1920
ShellJohn born about 1925
ShellRoy born about 1923
SmithDenni born about 1936
SmithDorothy born about 1910
SmithGeorgia born about 1938
SmithGlenn born about 1904
SmithGlenn Maryborn about 1933
SmithLester Hborn about 1901
SmithTereuse born about 1934
SpringerEmmily Janeborn about 1862
SpringerOrville born about 1868

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V Surnames

VeithoCharles born about 1868
VeithoHenrietta born about 1874

W Surnames

WilliamsClayton born about 1908
WilliamsEmma born about 1914
WilliamsRobert born about 1937
WinnerJack born about 1923
WinnerJohn Fborn about 1893
WinnerOllie born about 1899
WinnerPeggy Louborn about 1930
WinnerRobert born about 1927

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