1940 U.S. Federal Census of Montezuma, Summit, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Summit County > 1940 Census of Montezuma

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B Surnames

BarkeJohn Wborn about 1864
BledsoeBetty Jborn about 1922
BrophyEmmett Fborn about 1893
BrophyHarry Eborn about 1917
BrophyMargaret Aborn about 1896
BrophyVirginia Aborn about 1916
BurkerMax Lborn about 1916

C Surnames

ChisholmCharlotte born about 1916
ChisholmEdith Mborn about 1888
ChisholmHazel Aborn about 1892
ChisholmJack Cborn about 1939
ChisholmJack Hborn about 1906
ChisholmJean Aborn about 1940
ClementerWalter Aborn about 1878

D Surnames

DunnLouise Aborn about 1875

F Surnames

FairClarence born about 1880
FairClarence Rborn about 1880
FairClyde Wborn about 1888
FairClyde Wborn about 1888
FulletonEdward born about 1885

G Surnames

GoodmanAnna Rborn about 1886
GoodmanFrancis Bborn about 1914
GoodmanGeorge Wborn about 1884

H Surnames

HarwerthOtto Gborn about 1905
HarwethOto Gborn about 1905
HeadWalter Nborn about 1870
HoggmanErice Hborn about 1906

J Surnames

JaszkowiakAugust born about 1889
JaszkowiakDoris Iborn about 1929
JaszkowiakEarl Aborn about 1912
JaszkowiakGlen Rborn about 1919
JaszkowiakLilly Aborn about 1894
JaszkowiakRalph Cborn about 1927
JeffreyJohn Mborn about 1904
JeffreyVera Mborn about 1904
JohnsonMyrtle Mborn about 1892

L Surnames

LavenderGarrett Wborn about 1874

M Surnames

MartinClarence born about 1881
MartinMarion Aborn about 1900
McKenneyKeith Nborn about 1900
McKenneyNoble born about 1887
MeaolowsGladys born about 1893
MickellenErnest born about 1889
MyersJames Hborn about 1876
MyersJames Hborn about 1876
MyersLula Lborn about 1882
MyersLula Tborn about 1882

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O Surnames

OlibarriJohn Aborn about 1905

R Surnames

Ryan??? Mborn about 1891

S Surnames

SharpRoberta Eborn about 1880
SharpThomas born about 1874
SharpVern Cborn about 1908
SharpWilliam Cborn about 1905
SharyLeland Tborn about 1910
SmithAntone born about 1901
SmithElsie Mborn about 1913
SullivanBarbara Eborn about 1929
SullivanDorothy Eborn about 1905
SullivanEarl Wborn about 1906
SullivanJohn Eborn about 1933

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T Surnames

TeaqueEdward born about 1906
ThompsonJohn Tborn about 1882

W Surnames

WrixterJack Fborn about 1917

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