1940 U.S. Federal Census of Pleasant Heights, Prowers, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Prowers County > 1940 Census of Pleasant Heights

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A Surnames

AsbornAndy born about 1897
AsbornDoris Lborn about 1929
AsbornFay born about 1939
AsbornFred Aborn about 1926
AsbornJoan Mborn about 1935
AsbornJoe Mborn about 1935
AsbornLewis born about 1880
AsbornMaud Eborn about 1900
AsbornMay born about 1939
AsbornVictor born about 1906
AsbornWilliam Rborn about 1931

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B Surnames

BakerJulia born about 1869
BolesGrace born about 1904
BolesJoe born about 1928
BolesJoyce born about 1927
BolesLarry born about 1939
BolesLee Rborn about 1905

C Surnames

CainFlorence born about 1901
CainFrank born about 1895
CainHarry born about 1913
CainHubert born about 1911
ChathamEthel born about 1894
ChathamFred born about 1893
ChathamNela born about 1927
ClarkBernice born about 1905
ClarkDwight born about 1898
ClarkKeith born about 1936
ClaybrookAllen born about 1937
ClaybrookAnna born about 1903
ClaybrookAnna Mayborn about 1929
ClaybrookEmily born about 1924
ClaybrookJ Tborn about 1932
ClaybrookNorma Loyborn about 1934
ClaybrookRoy born about 1898
ClaybrookRoy Jr born about 1925
ColsonRobert born about 1885
ColsonSarah born about 1884
CrabtreeLillie born about 1883
CrabtreeWilliam born about 1876

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D Surnames

DarbyshireElizabeth born about 1873
DarbyshireFrank born about 1862

G Surnames

GarmWilliam born about 1857
GarrisonEdward born about 1872
GarrisonLillie Bborn about 1878
GentzlerClyde born about 1930
GentzlerGeorge born about 1897
GentzlerHarriet born about 1928
GentzlerThelma born about 1907

H Surnames

HasserCelestine born about 1898
HasserJoseph born about 1931
HasserOtto born about 1896

K Surnames

KellyMabel born about 1894
KellyU Sborn about 1880

M Surnames

McLainEdward born about 1868
McLainEmma Lborn about 1871
McLainJohn born about 1904
McQueenLela born about 1889
McQueenMarlin born about 1922
McQueenMarshall born about 1888
McQueenPaul born about 1924
MerrimanElizabeth born about 1883
MitchellEllen born about 1888
MitchellFelix born about 1920

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N Surnames

NealAna Jeanborn about 1939
NealEdna Mayborn about 1938
NealFay born about 1917
NealJames born about 1939
NealTheodore born about 1936
NealW Jamesborn about 1908

P Surnames

PaceCarrie Lborn about 1904
PaceFred Rborn about 1889
PaceGeorge Rborn about 1936
PaceJacob Jborn about 1929
PacePresley Jborn about 1882
PaceWilliam Cborn about 1931
PorterClaude Eborn about 1901
PorterWillard born about 1873

R Surnames

RauffmanBlanche born about 1892
RauffmanEarl born about 1892
RifeBeatrice Mborn about 1928
RifeFay born about 1897
RifeFranklin Dborn about 1933
RifeJohn Bborn about 1924
RifeMaurice born about 1898
RifeRichard born about 1931

S Surnames

SchadeAbraham born about 1885
SchadeEdna born about 1924
SchadeElizabeth born about 1891
SchadeEstel Lborn about 1919
SchaleAlvin Eborn about 1938
SchaleClara born about 1915
SchaleHerbert born about 1912
SchaleMarvin Cborn about 1939
ShipleyAnna Lborn about 1879
ShipleyDavid born about 1922
ShipleyHenry born about 1869
ShipleyPaul born about 1913
SmithClarence born about 1903
SmithClarence born about 1926
SmithDoris born about 1935
SmithFay born about 1930
SmithOpal born about 1904
SmithPauline born about 1933
SmithRay born about 1928
SmithRoso born about 1938
StrongGeorge born about 1872

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T Surnames

ThompsonCora born about 1898
ThompsonFrank born about 1892
ThompsonGrover born about 1925
TriskaJohn Jborn about 1897
TriskaJoseph born about 1896

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