1940 U.S. Federal Census of Portland in Ouray County, Ouray, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Ouray County > 1940 Census of Portland in Ouray County

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A Surnames

AldrichHarlon Dborn about 1910
AldrichHerbert Oborn about 1912
AldrichJesse Hborn about 1915
AldrichMary born about 1930
AldrichRuth born about 1907
AldridgeGarland born about 1907
AldridgeMinnie born about 1894

B Surnames

BarrettAndrew born about 1905
BarrettCelia Aborn about 1939
BarrettRachel born about 1912
BeebyLaurence Jborn about 1873
BeebyViola Hborn about 1874
BellCharles Mborn about 1915
BellIrene Bborn about 1914
BellMaryanna born about 1939
BenningRichard born about 1890
BillingsHar born about 1880
BillingsRachel Mborn about 1889
BoydDonald Kborn about 1926
BoydIris Kborn about 1892
BoydKirk Kborn about 1929
BoydMinnie Bborn about 1923
BoydRalph Eborn about 1893
BoydWillma born about 1927
BrondtMary Hborn about 1861
BurchFrank Jborn about 1879

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C Surnames

CalhounPat born about 1905
ChittickEllsworth Wborn about 1889
ClappMickal born about 1913

D Surnames

DapezClemintine born about 1913
DapezVictor born about 1910
DonsieJackson Lborn about 1940
DonsieLucile born about 1910
DonsieR Lystonborn about 1906
DunnEvylen born about 1909
DunnRudford born about 1907

K Surnames

KongasBetty Sborn about 1917
KongasToivo born about 1901
KuchsBethel Bborn about 1890
KuchsLewis Fborn about 1881
KuchsMary Lborn about 1920
KuchsWilliam Rborn about 1919
KuykendallMelvin born about 1939
KuykendallVilma born about 1919
KuykendallWaren born about 1912

L Surnames

LauxIona born about 1910
LauxJack Bborn about 1935
LauxLillie Mborn about 1937
LemmerBernice born about 1894
LemmerBerniste Jborn about 1934
LemmerCharles Eborn about 1923
LemmerHarriet Fborn about 1925
LemmerRobert born about 1888
LemmerRoberta Lborn about 1921
LouxCharlie born about 1899

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M Surnames

MatchenerRobert Gborn about 1911
MatchenerWilma Lborn about 1921
MerligCharlie Hborn about 1880
MerlingAdrennie born about 1918
MerlingKeneth born about 1914
MichellRockie born about 1911

N Surnames

NagleWilliam born about 1864
NelsonJasper Wborn about 1905
NelsonJosephine born about 1910
NelsonWilliam Hborn about 1937
NickolasJulia born about 1913
NickolasLarry born about 1938
NickolasMeril born about 1911
NoelSimion Eborn about 1880
NoelSophia Gborn about 1872

P Surnames

PerottiDomnick born about 1904
PerottiJosephine born about 1873
PerottiStella born about 1913
PooreAlice Tborn about 1873
PooreJohn Fborn about 1880

R Surnames

RileyFredie Lborn about 1939
RileyIola Eborn about 1918
RileyLee Hborn about 1915
RileyLudene Nborn about 1939
RileyMancy Lborn about 1938
RodgersEthel born about 1915
RodgersLee born about 1912
RousCocetta born about 1888
RousDe Vigentis born about 1886
RousEva born about 1930
RousLindy born about 1929
RousStella born about 1922
RoyAveron born about 1905
RoyDixie Jborn about 1933
RoyEdith Lborn about 1901
RoyGeorgia born about 1938
RoyJerald born about 1940
RoyStanley Dborn about 1934

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S Surnames

SigfridErin born about 1879
SmithCharles Wborn about 1914
SmithWilliam Jborn about 1918
StaderEmil Oborn about 1897
StoughDaisey Aborn about 1875
StoughHerry Cborn about 1872

V Surnames

VettenzelGeorge born about 1865

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