1940 U.S. Federal Census of Slater, Moffat, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Moffat County > 1940 Census of Slater

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B Surnames

BaldwinAda born about 1908
BaldwinRalph born about 1927
BaldwinWilliam Edwardborn about 1890
Baxter??? born about 1921
BaxterElsie Mborn about 1897
BaxterFrank Dborn about 1885

C Surnames

CarlsonWesley born about 1898
ChauezMax born about 1919
CodgillDouglas born about 1890
CodgillWarren born about 1894
CullensDon born about 1928
CullensElliott born about 1893
CullensFreda born about 1924
CullensGoldie born about 1896
CullensJack born about 1926

D Surnames

DanielsBeth born about 1921
DanielsDortha born about 1908
DanielsHarvey born about 1919
DuncanEvelyn born about 1916
DuncanFrank born about 1929
DuncanHarvey born about
DuncanHubert born about 1919
DuncanJim born about 1935
DuncanJune born about 1932
DuncanRoy born about 1922
DuncanTillie born about
DuncanWilliam born about 1928

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F Surnames

FrostHugh born about 1921
FrostVirginia born about 1911

G Surnames

GarsiaJaun born about 1887
GrizzardHerbert Rborn about 1885

H Surnames

HoggattEmmery born about 1922
HoggattEsther born about 1924
HolmesAlec born about 1880

J Surnames

JonesHarry Cborn about 1880
JonesMary Eborn about 1870

K Surnames

KelleyClyde Aborn about 1922
KelleyHelen Aborn about 1905
KelleyHelen Aborn about 1934
KelleyLynn Lborn about 1923
KelleyMarton Berylborn about 1899
KelleyOrville Lborn about 1929
KelleyStella Fayeborn about 1925

L Surnames

LegerLucille born about 1918
LoveWaldo Pborn about 1871

M Surnames

McHallEthle Mborn about 1887
McHallW Jborn about 1887
McIntoshMildred born about 1905
MurphyLouis born about 1887

P Surnames

ParisonWilbur born about 1912
PeiskelHenry Dborn about 1867
PulliamAlbert Leeborn about 1905
PulliamDale born about 1935
PulliamInez born about 1911
PulliamNovella born about 1932

R Surnames

RobidouxAlbert born about 1928
RobidouxLillie born about 1898
RobidouxVincent born about 1881
RussellEarl born about 1900

S Surnames

SisinorosClaudia born about 1897
Story??? born about 1915

T Surnames

TrudilloManuel born about 1917

W Surnames

WellsAlice born about 1885
WellsFred born about 1893
WellsJames born about 1894

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