1940 U.S. Federal Census of Thompson Pim, La Plata, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > La Plata County > 1940 Census of Thompson Pim

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames H Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AlbertAddie Eborn about 1899
AlbertAlma Aborn about 1929
AlbertAndrew Jborn about 1890
AlbertCarl Oborn about 1899
AlbertGean Eborn about 1926
AlbertIda Lborn about 1894
AlbertLelia Mborn about 1924
AlbertLouis born about 1882
AlbertNone born about 1908
AlbertNorma Eborn about 1930
ArnotRobert born about 1878

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B Surnames

BairdBrant Tborn about 1906
BairdDelmar Nborn about 1932
BairdFaye Mborn about 1939
BairdKenneth Bborn about 1928
BairdVirgil Mborn about 1910
ByrdGene born about 1936
ByrdJoe born about 1928

C Surnames

CaseyAndrew born about 1910
CoucoreAsrakam born about 1867
CraigEdwin Jborn about 1876
CraigElizabeth born about 1880
CraigIris Gborn about 1923
CraigJames Rborn about 1869

D Surnames

DavisAnna born about 1894
DavisHenry Pborn about 1884
DennisonJohn Hborn about 1890

F Surnames

FranceLois born about 1924
FranceMyrna born about 1939
FranceOra born about 1902
FranceRussell Lborn about 1894
FranceTeddy born about 1936
FranceTroy born about 1922

H Surnames

HollingsworthLaurene born about 1908
HollingsworthWilfred born about 1904
HunningtonElsie Mborn about 1910
HunningtonRoy Wborn about 1903
HunningtonRoy Wborn about 1930
HunningtonWilliam Iborn about 1932

M Surnames

ManningDonald born about 1927
ManningOrvil born about 1894
MarwellLeo Mborn about 1889
McCabeCharles Wborn about 1934
McCabeHarry Aborn about 1901
McCabeJohn Dborn about 1939
McCabeMelva Eborn about 1907
McCabeMichael Aborn about 1938
McCabebEllen born about 1868
McCabebJoe born about 1897
McCabebMary born about 1904
McClendonPhilip Rborn about 1938
McClendonRaymond born about 1901
McClendonRebeca born about 1902
MeluginWilliam born about 1865
MerrilHazel born about 1921
MerrillGeorge Lborn about 1924

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N Surnames

NoyesEarl Oborn about 1882
NoyesJulia Aborn about 1889
NoyesMarvin born about 1918
NoyesOcer Eborn about 1922

P Surnames

ParkerElnora born about 1861
PatscheckAlvin born about 1920
PatscheckBernice born about 1935
PatscheckElain born about 1929
PatscheckHerman Oborn about 1904
PatscheckLeona born about 1923
PatscheckLouise born about 1902
PatscheckLucille born about 1925
PatscheckOltoe born about 1892
PatscheckRobert born about 1933
PatscheckThelma born about 1929
PatscheckTilda born about 1893
PatscheckWallace born about 1937
PatscheckWalter born about 1931
PilcherDaniel Fborn about 1880
PilcherElsie Mborn about 1886
PilcherGladys Eborn about 1905
PilcherLary Gborn about 1938
PilcherOren Aborn about 1910
PilcherWood Wm Wborn about 1916

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R Surnames

RiffeyDorthy born about 1915
RiffeyElmer Oborn about 1896
RiffeyJennie born about 1858

S Surnames

SchaeferHenrietta born about 1932
SchaeferMargrete born about 1907
SchaeferMarie born about 1882
SchaeferRichard born about 1910
SenaLizzie born about 1910
SenaManuel born about 1936
SenaTiburcia born about 1910
ShaferPhilip born about 1872
SponselDorthe born about 1929
SponselEvylyn born about 1923
SponselFlorence born about 1896
SponselFrank Kborn about 1890
SponselFranklin born about 1934
SponselGeniveve born about 1920
SponselJoan born about 1935
SponselJohn born about 1927
SponselRuth born about 1922
StonselTheodore born about 1898
StonselTheresa born about 1901

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W Surnames

WallingfordJohn Sborn about 1887
WallingfordMary Jborn about 1898

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