1940 U.S. Federal Census of Virginia Dale, Larimer, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Larimer County > 1940 Census of Virginia Dale

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A Surnames

AllenM Relleyborn about 1895
AtterberryFlorence born about 1895

B Surnames

BarnesVerlin Eborn about 1916
BashorAlbert Eborn about 1883
BashorMable Tborn about 1882
BishoppAddie Jborn about 1882
BishoppB Glen Dborn about 1882
BishoppGeorge Tborn about 1918
BishoppRobert Jborn about 1919
BishoppVirginia Aborn about 1922
BoydCarolyn born about 1934
BoydFrancis Aborn about 1853
BoydMarion Gborn about 1880
BoydMarion Oborn about 1911
BoydMary Cborn about 1911
BoydMerton Rborn about 1880
BoydRaymond born about 1937
BoydRobert born about 1931

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C Surnames

ChristiansenJohn born about 1884
CornelisonAlford Dborn about 1873
CornelisonEmma Sborn about 1878

D Surnames

DanasConstant Jborn about 1885
DanasDelia Aborn about 1890
DavisClaude Dborn about 1889
DavisMary Lborn about 1893
DentAlice born about 1925
DentEdith born about 1926
DentGeorgia born about 1929
DentLaura born about 1908
DentLovie Wborn about 1891
DentRuth born about 1930

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E Surnames

EdwardsEdith Lborn about 1877
EdwardsW Rborn about 1871
EstlerWilliam Hborn about 1914

F Surnames

FarnhamEmily Lborn about 1876
FarnhamRay Gborn about 1881
FulfordEthel Eborn about 1908
FulfordJohn Wborn about 1901

G Surnames

GeorgeHattie born about 1903
GeorgeJames Oborn about 1893
GeorgeMargaret Wborn about 1939
GriffithHenry Leeborn about 1880
GriffithNellie born about 1875

H Surnames

HiltonEdgar Dborn about 1899
HiltonElla Mborn about 1903
HosackElsie Fborn about 1882
HosackWilliam Jborn about 1879

K Surnames

KincaidDella born about 1919
KincaidFrank Eborn about 1885
KincaidJames born about 1936

L Surnames

LoganBess born about 1905
LoganDonice born about 1934
LoganWilliam Jborn about 1897
LoganWilliam J Jrborn about 1930

M Surnames

MaxwellFred Lborn about 1878
MaxwellMaude born about 1875
MornClark born about 1924
MornForrest born about 1925
MornJohn born about 1887
MornMildred born about 1894

N Surnames

NantaBert born about 1899
NantaGladys Aborn about 1938
NantaLola Gborn about 1907
NantaNorma Fborn about 1932
NantaRaymond Wborn about 1930

P Surnames

PearsonA Royborn about 1893
PearsonBetty Bellaborn about 1940
PearsonJames Roydonborn about 1933
PearsonOlive Belleborn about 1903
ProckJames Cborn about 1886

R Surnames

RallEarl Eborn about 1901
RussellFloyd Lborn about 1887

S Surnames

SchafferEdward born about 1877
ShortElmer born about 1915
SmylieDonald Jborn about 1931
SmylieFrank Wborn about 1925
SmylieJames Mborn about 1893
SmylieJames Mborn about 1919
SmylieJean Eborn about 1921
SmylieKatherine born about 1927
SmylieMargaret born about 1894
SwansonDonald Dborn about 1934
SwansonErnest Jborn about 1900
SwansonHazel Maeborn about 1936
SwansonLinda Leeborn about 1938
SwansonLois Maxineborn about 1928
SwansonNina Maeborn about 1902

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V Surnames

VonvihlAlfred Jborn about 1895
VonvihlBessie Jborn about 1896
VonvihlJoseph born about 1867

W Surnames

WagnerClarence Jborn about 1892
WagnerDorothy Pborn about 1905
WardJohn born about 1891
WardRuth born about 1893
WebberCassius Wborn about 1861
WebberHomer Tborn about 1874
WebberRachel Eborn about 1873

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