1940 U.S. Federal Census of West Telluride San Miguel, San Miguel, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > San Miguel County > 1940 Census of West Telluride San Miguel

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A Surnames

AdamsAlvier born about 1888
AdamsEugene Rayborn about 1923
AdamsMary born about 1889
AdamsWalow Wborn about 1921
AndersonEdna born about 1915
AndersonGeorge born about 1901
AndersonGerald born about 1937

B Surnames

BartholomewDon born about 1918
BartholomewGary born about 1939
BartholomewMarie born about 1920
BaumgardnerBillie Maeborn about 1940
BaumgardnerDickie born about 1937
BaumgardnerDonald born about 1933
BaumgardnerEmmit born about 1911
BaumgardnerGladis born about 1912
BaumgardnerJohnie born about 1935
BaumgardnerPaddie born about 1938
BaumgardnerRalph born about 1932
BrownEval born about 1880
BrownHarry Jborn about 1878
BrownJoseph born about 1921
BrownMrs F Pborn about 1856
BuckenridgeW Cborn about 1853

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C Surnames

ConleyMelvin born about 1921

D Surnames

DanielsTabitha born about 1876
DanielsWelington born about 1869

G Surnames

GalyeanDortha born about 1931
GalyeanEthel born about 1913
GalyeanEvelyn born about 1938
GalyeanKatherine born about 1932
GalyeanPreston born about 1904
GalyeanRalph born about 1936
GalyeanRay born about 1934

H Surnames

HansonClyd born about 1912
HansonMeldon Dborn about 1937
HansonNeva born about 1912
HansonVelda Jeanborn about 1934
HayesWh born about 1876

J Surnames

JensenCarll born about 1870

L Surnames

LeeMelvin born about 1922
LoveBettylou born about 1900
LoveDeloris born about 1933
LoveRay Wmborn about 1879

M Surnames

McDonnaldMalchom born about 1896
McKnightCarl Lborn about 1930
McKnightKellie born about 1891
McKnightMargied born about 1893
McKnightPaul Rborn about 1920
McKnightVirginia Rborn about 1927
MietchinFred born about 1918
MietchinHerman born about 1892

P Surnames

PeatersonAlita born about 1924
PeatersonEdithj born about 1901
PeatersonElsie born about 1926
PeatersonHarry Jayborn about 1888
PeatersonHazel born about 1938
PeatersonHoward born about 1936
PeatersonIris born about 1933
PeatersonJay Boydborn about 1928
PeatersonMildrid born about 1930
PeppenElla born about 1914
PeppenRichard Hborn about 1939

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S Surnames

SheanBetty born about 1877
StonerGeorge Guinborn about 1918
StonerGeorger born about 1889
StonerTillie Mayborn about 1884

T Surnames

ThomasonAl born about 1882
ThomasonMary Cborn about 1875
TurnquisJohna born about 1865

V Surnames

VezinaDonna Belleborn about 1932
VezinaEdward born about 1890
VezinaFern born about 1925
VezinaHellen born about 1923
VezinaMurtle born about 1893
VezinaRosalie born about 1891
VezinaVictora born about 1918
VezinaVirginia born about 1928

W Surnames

WalbergCharles born about 1866
WickmennClemens born about 1869
WickmennEmilie born about 1866
WickmennIrene born about 1897
WilkinsonJoseph born about 1861
WilkinsonMary Lborn about 1871
WolfeDorthy born about 1900
WolfeEmogena born about 1933
WolfeErvin born about 1902
WolfeJoan born about 1937
WolfeJune born about 1931

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Y Surnames

YatesEllam born about 1867
YatesEthel Mayborn about 1936
YatesFlorence born about 1915
YatesPatricria born about 1938
YatesWilard Jr born about 1939
YatesWilardr born about 1914

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