1940 U.S. Federal Census of Northford, New Haven, Connecticut

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USA > Connecticut > New Haven County > 1940 Census of Northford

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B Surnames

BrezickiiJosephine born about 1920
BrezickiiJulia born about 1923
BrezickiiMorris Cborn about 1920
BrezickiiOlga born about 1920
BrezickiiRudolph born about 1915
BrezickiiThomas born about 1922
BrownArthur Mborn about 1916
BrownArthur Mborn about 1940
BrownJean Aborn about 1924

C Surnames

CarannaAugust born about 1915
CarannaBartha Lomasborn about 1919
CarannaDominic born about 1876
CarannaMary born about 1884
CarthCaroline Hborn about 1877

D Surnames

DoolettleDaisy Wborn about 1918
DoolettleEdward Mborn about 1916
DoolettleEdward Sborn about 1937

E Surnames

ElisonCarol Jborn about 1939
ElisonCatherine born about 1936
ElisonCatherine Eborn about 1911
ElisonRaymond Gborn about 1936
ElisonRaymond Nborn about 1907

F Surnames

FoxAndrew Lborn about 1895
FoxMary Fborn about 1889

G Surnames

GardnerGeorge Aborn about 1925
GardnerJosephine Kborn about 1891

H Surnames

HillBertha Bborn about 1878
HillFlorilla Aborn about 1905

J Surnames

JohnsonCharles Jborn about 1860
JohnsonErie Aborn about 1893
JohnsonRichard Eborn about 1923
JohnsonSigrid Aborn about 1883

K Surnames

KlebiekaAnna Sborn about 1923
KlebiekaEdward Sborn about 1921
KlebiekaJusten Kborn about 1894
KlebiekaJustina born about 1897

L Surnames

LindeMargaret born about 1864

M Surnames

MarrinuzziCarmel born about 1915
MarrinuzziFrankie born about 1928
MarrinuzziGrace born about 1920
MarrinuzziJosephine born about 1926
MarrinuzziLaura born about 1923
MarrinuzziMary born about 1917
MarrinuzziMichael born about 1888
MarrinuzziNathan born about 1918
MarrinuzziRosie born about 1892
MrozSteven Jborn about 1911
MrozValentine Lborn about 1883

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N Surnames

NeefLaura born about 1929
NeefRobert Kborn about 1927

R Surnames

ReinigBertha born about 1869

S Surnames

SanbornHomer Gborn about 1897
SanbornHomer Gborn about 1926
SanbornKatie Fborn about 1896
SanbornMary Eborn about 1858
SanbornRuth Mborn about 1924
SchanzFrances born about 1898
SchanzValentin born about 1900
SchanzVelentin Wborn about 1929
ScrantonBessie Mborn about 1890
ScrantonMaria born about 1854
StenderEmma Aborn about 1898
StenderErnest Aborn about 1893
StenderFrieda Mborn about 1921
StenderWilliam Aborn about 1923

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T Surnames

TrieschmannGertrude Mborn about 1938
TrieschmannHazel born about 1912
TrieschmannMartin Lborn about 1909

V Surnames

VanallenMaude born about 1881

W Surnames

WarfieldCharles Fborn about 1931
WarfieldGeorge Kborn about 1899
WarfieldRuth Lborn about 1906
WoliverAngie Nborn about 1877
WoliverCharles Hborn about 1880
WoliverDoris Eborn about 1922
WoliverHarold Eborn about 1900
WoliverMary Aborn about 1901
WoodburyFrieda Rborn about 1908
WoodburyRichard Eborn about 1909

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