1940 U.S. Federal Census of Rockville, Tolland, Connecticut

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USA > Connecticut > Tolland County > 1940 Census of Rockville

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A Surnames

ArnoldGeorge Jr born about 1866
AucoanYvonne born about 1901

B Surnames

BackofenAlbert Hborn about 1929
BackofenBertha Mborn about 1904
BackofenWalter Aborn about 1926
BackofenWalter Pborn about 1895
BeckwithDiana born about 1937
BeckwithDonald born about 1905
BeckwithElizabeth born about 1906
BeckwithElizabeth born about 1939
BissellA Tborn about 1850
BresnakonEdith born about 1919
BresnakonEdward born about 1915
BresnakonGeorge born about 1913

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C Surnames

CameronJohn Pborn about 1868
ChampagneCharles Jborn about 1882
ChampagneMary born about 1884
CrattyAnna born about 1898
CrattyBarbara born about 1922
CrattyJohn born about 1898
CrattyJohn Jborn about 1926
CrattyMary born about 1921

D Surnames

DaengerGustave born about 1858
DeptulaAlice born about 1892
DeptulaFrances born about 1925
DeptulaMitchell born about 1918
DeptulaStanley born about 1890
DeptulaStella born about 1916
DimlowKatherine born about 1912
DowdingArthur Sborn about 1885
DowdingDoris Aborn about 1917
DowdingMinnie Cborn about 1887
DowdingNorman Gborn about 1915
DrehrPauline born about 1867

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F Surnames

FiskDouglas born about 1915
FiskJohn Cborn about 1869
FiskLottie Rborn about 1877
ForestRuth born about 1905

G Surnames

GilliesAdam born about 1907
GilliesAna born about 1913
GreenDavid born about 1876
GreenHelen Mborn about 1897

H Surnames

HallLouis born about 1900
HallMuriel born about 1915
HeckEdwin Aborn about 1940
HeckEdwin Jborn about 1916
HeckEleanor Aborn about 1921
HeffronJohn born about 1916
HeffronPhyliss born about 1914
HeffronThomas born about 1880
HoeringAlvina Eborn about 1859

I Surnames

IdeAbbie Mrs born about 1879
IdeNatalie born about 1912

J Surnames

JolyRomer born about 1902
JoyceElla Miss born about 1874

K Surnames

KarpuszkaAniela Jborn about 1892
KarpuszkaEdward Aborn about 1914
KarpuszkaMitchell Aborn about 1918
KauskiCasimir Mborn about 1915
KauskiJulia Rborn about 1888
KesselEarl born about 1923
KesselFlorence born about 1906
KesselHillmar born about 1896
KillnerAnna born about 1889
KillnerBeverly born about 1922
KillnerClinton born about 1919
KillnerEarl born about 1921
KillnerEdward Hborn about 1878
KozlowskiJohn Jborn about 1909
KozlowskiJohn Tborn about 1939
KozlowskiJohn Tborn about 1939
KozlowskiKathryn Tborn about 1916

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L Surnames

LiebeJosephine born about 1874
LimeckGemenine born about 1914
LippmannMary born about 1877
LiszewskiBruno Aborn about 1911
LiszewskiMary Sborn about 1912
LudwigLenea born about 1885

M Surnames

McLoughlinBarbara born about 1926
McLoughlinEdwin born about 1920
McLoughlinFlora born about 1893
McLoughlinHarry born about 1880
McLoughlinRichard born about 1924
MeadBarbara born about 1928
MeadChristine born about 1901
MeadGordon born about 1933
MeadMelson born about 1897
MetcalfCaroline Eborn about 1864
MetcalfW born about 1858
MulroyMary born about 1914
MurphyRose born about 1919

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N Surnames

NyrenMildred born about 1916

O Surnames

OsbornElmer Mrs born about 1864

P Surnames

PapasMary born about 1887
PfauFrederick Aborn about 1918

R Surnames

RadyJohn Jborn about 1908
RadyMary born about 1867
RobertsEliza Mrs born about 1852
RomeoEilleen born about 1929
RomeoLorraine born about 1934
RomeoMary Janeborn about 1916
RomeoOlive born about 1902
RomeoPauline born about 1928
RomeoYvonne born about 1933

S Surnames

SomersSusan born about 1890
SpurlingElizabeth born about 1911
SpurlingMary Annborn about 1937
SpurlingRaymond born about 1906
SpurlingRaymond born about 1933
StrycharzJohn Sborn about 1911
StrycharzStella Jborn about 1907
SwindellsEmily Bborn about 1879

T Surnames

TalcottPhines born about 1849
TuckerMamie born about 1886

W Surnames

WarrenRuth born about 1923
WilsonBenjamin Aborn about 1895
WilsonClarence Aborn about 1920
WilsonMelvyn Wborn about 1924
WilsonRegina Rborn about 1900

Y Surnames

YostGertrude born about 1923
YoungPhineas born about 1871

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