1940 U.S. Federal Census of West Avon, Hartford, Connecticut

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USA > Connecticut > Hartford County > 1940 Census of West Avon

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames O Surnames P Surnames S Surnames

B Surnames

BaldwinMabel born about 1870
BollesClarence Wborn about 1893
BollesJane born about 1932
BollesJohn born about 1933
BollesMargaret Mborn about 1899
BollesPaul born about 1930
BollesPriscilla born about 1933

C Surnames

ChidseyLouis Aborn about 1882
ChidseyLuella Sborn about 1885
CoteCora Hborn about 1874
CoteJoseph born about 1876

D Surnames

DerrinWinfield born about 1864
DudleyMildred born about 1905
DudleyRoger Eborn about 1905
DudleyRoger Jr born about 1930

H Surnames

HardyMary born about 1882
HavensDudley born about 1910
HavensPamela born about 1930
HavensWilla born about 1914

L Surnames

LomonicaGladys born about 1927
LomonicaGloria born about 1927
LomonicaHarmon born about 1916
LomonicaHelen born about 1919
LomonicaLenord born about 1921
LomonicaMary born about 1889
LomonicaSabastian born about 1913
LomonicaSamel born about 1881
LomonicaWilliam born about 1925

M Surnames

MaxonFay Dr born about 1883
MaxonFlorence born about 1888

O Surnames

OsterGayle born about 1937
OsterLeo born about 1912
OsterRaymond born about 1940
OsterRose born about 1916

P Surnames

PilonBeverly born about 1938
PilonBruce Fborn about 1940
PilonDortothy born about 1911
PilonHarold born about 1905
PilonRobert born about 1933

S Surnames

SandersonWinthrop Wborn about 1915

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