1940 U.S. Federal Census of North Lauderdale, Sussex, Delaware

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USA > Delaware > Sussex County > 1940 Census of North Lauderdale

C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames M Surnames O Surnames P Surnames W Surnames

C Surnames

CareyAnna born about 1918
CareyGertrude born about 1932
CareyHarry born about 1935
CareyLester born about 1908
CareyVaughn born about 1939
ClappCharles born about 1899

D Surnames

DeshiedsEdward born about 1874

F Surnames

FoskeyGeorge born about 1900
FoskeyNora born about 1908

G Surnames

GermanMahala Eborn about 1858

H Surnames

HallAlice born about 1897
HallHildora born about 1935
HallSronzie born about 1897
HudsonEdgar Lborn about 1889
HudsonJean Eborn about 1925
HudsonMyrtle Eborn about 1893
HudsonRoland Lborn about 1919

M Surnames

MaddieElizabeth born about 1929
MaddieEvan born about 1898
MaddieHilda born about 1930
MaddieOlivia born about 1910
McGeeIna Eborn about 1919
McGeeJohn Tborn about 1883
McGeeLinda Jborn about 1887

O Surnames

OnealCharles Hborn about 1894
OnealElizabeth Jborn about 1923
OnealOline Mborn about 1899

P Surnames

ParamoDennie Eborn about 1872
ParamoNathaniel Rborn about 1866

W Surnames

WallerAgnes born about 1914
WallerEmilee born about 1940
WallerEthel Lborn about 1937
WallerMarguerite born about 1936
WallerRoger born about 1917
WallerSylvia Jborn about 1938
WilkersonAlton born about 1918
WilkersonClarence born about 1894
WilkersonEverett born about 1926
WilkersonJennie born about 1860
WilkersonLottie born about 1895

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