1940 U.S. Federal Census of Albany, Dougherty, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Dougherty County > 1940 Census of Albany

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BarkerJessie Belleborn about 1917
BarkerJoe Lborn about 1906
BryantJunior born about 1934
BryantSarah born about 1900

C Surnames

CampbellAbraham born about 1868
CampbellMartha born about 1872
ChapmanFranklin Bellborn about 1924
ChapmanRebecca born about 1928
ChapmanSammie Bellborn about 1922
CollinsDara Belleborn about 1908

F Surnames

FieldSadie Rborn about 1900

H Surnames

HaireGertrude born about 1900
HoustonAllie born about 1901

J Surnames

JessieWillie Leeborn about 1902
JordonJessie born about 1890

L Surnames

LippmanWillie Maeborn about 1920

M Surnames

McarthurElizabeth born about 1907

N Surnames

NorveyPete born about 1900

R Surnames

RobinsonCleoma born about 1921
RoyalJohnson born about 1913
RoyalZemmie Leeborn about 1914

S Surnames

SeiglerA???e born about 1882
SmithAlberta born about 1892
SmithEveanne born about 1931
SmithHershel born about 1910
SmithHershel born about 1930
SmithLucile born about 1937
SmithSarah Rborn about 1909

T Surnames

ThompsonG?dd?? Cborn about 1935
ThompsonLouise born about 1915
ThompsonWillie Frankborn about 1912
ThompsonWillie J Jrborn about 1933
TillisonLissie born about 1920

W Surnames

WashingtonKatie born about 1865
WilliamPearl Maeborn about 1921
WilliamWillie born about 1914
WilsonEaster born about 1907
WilsonWillie born about 1902

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