1940 U.S. Federal Census of Alexander in Burke County, Burke, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Burke County > 1940 Census of Alexander in Burke County

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames P Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BarefieldAlvira born about 1904
BarefieldEremal born about 1929
BarefieldEzekial born about 1926
BarefieldJames Hborn about 1930
BarefieldJulia born about 1925
BarefieldRobert Sborn about 1896
BlanchardAda Fborn about 1881
BlanchardHamond Hborn about 1918
BlanchardJohn Fborn about 1914
BurleyGanzi born about 1911
BurleyMinnie Louborn about 1914

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C Surnames

ChanceDonald Dborn about 1937
ChanceEdith born about 1916
ChanceGerald Annborn about 1935
ChanceGuy Wborn about 1895
ChanceHerbert Rborn about 1914
ChanceJulia born about 1903
ChanceSterling Pborn about 1910

D Surnames

DhayeJack born about 1932
DyeAlma born about 1900
DyeGeorge Wborn about 1874

E Surnames

EllisonJack born about 1851
EllisonLucy born about 1867

F Surnames

FallonAndrew Cborn about 1906

H Surnames

HerringtonWarren born about 1913
HolmesAnnie born about 1890
HolnesAnnie Mborn about 1908
HolnesInnes born about 1902

J Surnames

JenkinsTyrus Cborn about 1917
JenningsHattie born about 1889

M Surnames

MackEnna Aborn about 1880
MorrisRobert Wborn about 1905

P Surnames

PayneFrancis born about 1904
PayneWilliam born about 1868
PayneWilliam Lborn about 1929

S Surnames

SimpsonMollie born about 1889

W Surnames

WaltersFannie Bborn about 1889
WaltersJohn Eborn about 1881
WhitfieldAnnie Rborn about 1939
WhitfieldIrene born about 1921

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