1940 U.S. Federal Census of Handind, Putnam, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Putnam County > 1940 Census of Handind

A Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames G Surnames H Surnames R Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AthonJoe Mborn about 1894
AthonWinnifred Aborn about 1898

C Surnames

ChappellOrie born about 1871

D Surnames

DunnHannah born about 1883
DunnJames born about 1928
DunnJerry born about 1915
DunnJohn Hborn about 1927
DunnLewis born about 1927

E Surnames

EubankWillie born about 1919

G Surnames

GreenMissouri born about 1875

H Surnames

HarrisHattie born about 1930
HarrisLois born about 1926
HarrisMittie born about 1915
HendersonWillie Lborn about 1919

R Surnames

RamsonMaud born about 1904
RamsonWilliam born about 1896
ReidEva born about 1892
ReidFred born about 1909
ReidFred Jr born about 1935
ReidLaurice born about 1939
ReidLeola born about 1939
ReidMary born about 1917
ReidRichard born about 1881
ReidWillie born about 1917
ReidWillie Jr born about 1937
RossAlice born about 1932
RossAnnie Kborn about 1904
RossBertha Lborn about 1925
RossCephas born about 1933
RossEddie Hborn about 1927
RossEleanora born about 1939
RossElisha born about 1904
RossElisha Jr born about 1938
RossElizabeth born about 1928
RossJohn Rborn about 1936
RossL Bborn about 1929
RossWillie Cborn about 1923

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W Surnames

WoodsCal born about 1880
WoodsOnie Mborn about 1904

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