1940 U.S. Federal Census of Hickory, Greene, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Greene County > 1940 Census of Hickory

B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames M Surnames R Surnames U Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BennettCarry Maeborn about 1928
BennettDaisy born about 1910
BennettEdd born about 1900
BennettJimmie born about 1932
BennettWatler born about 1923
BrownKatherleen born about 1937
BrownRoxie born about 1934

C Surnames

CannonAnnette born about 1935
CannonBennie Ruthborn about 1933
CannonEvelyn born about 1910
CannonHarry born about 1936
CannonMary born about 1930
CannonMildred born about 1932
CorryBilly born about 1926
CorryBobby Joeborn about 1932
CorryC Cborn about 1894
CorryCecil born about 1922
CorryClara born about 1909
CorryDouglas born about 1935
CorryE Eborn about 1911
CorryEdwin born about 1931
CorryJulia born about 1936
CorryKenny born about 1938
CorryLena born about 1893
CorryMarianna born about 1930
CorryVelma born about 1901
CorryVirginia born about 1924
CorryW Jborn about 1900

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G Surnames

GilbertFairy Leeborn about 1898
GilbertMaggie Bborn about 1917

M Surnames

MckibbenD Kborn about 1882
MckibbenFannie born about 1892

R Surnames

RobersonMattie born about 1921
RobersonSallie born about 1910

U Surnames

UshryAnn Maeborn about 1919
UshryBernice born about 1935
UshryDavid born about 1937

W Surnames

WestG Gborn about 1881
WrightMartha born about 1917
WrightMorton born about 1919

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