1940 U.S. Federal Census of La Clantville, Chatham, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Chatham County > 1940 Census of La Clantville

G Surnames H Surnames I Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

G Surnames

GoodwinHenritta Fborn about 1874
GreenJennie born about 1898

H Surnames

HathawayJonnie Aborn about 1921
HathawayL Tborn about 1919
HathawayPearl born about 1899
HathawayThomas Hborn about 1899
HathawayThomas H Jrborn about 1937

I Surnames

IhlyEleanor Gborn about 1915
IhlyRichard Lborn about 1937
IhlyWibur Lborn about 1909
IvansAnna Lizaborn about 1909

J Surnames

JohnsonJannie born about 1908
JohnsonJonnie born about 1900
JonesThomas born about 1858

L Surnames

LutherAnnie Leeborn about 1924
LutherJames born about 1915

M Surnames

MccrayJoe Stephenborn about 1915
Muroe??? born about 1918

R Surnames

RedmondHenry born about 1901
RedmondHerbert Leeborn about 1932
RedmondLaura born about 1914
RedmondWille Jr born about 1929
RedmondWillie born about 1913
RolwlandHarriet Sborn about 1900
RolwlandJohn Clarkborn about 1903

S Surnames

SimmonsCarrie born about 1888
SimmonsJonnie Maeborn about 1925

T Surnames

ThorpeEffie born about 1880
ThorpeJames born about 1879

W Surnames

WilliamsArdine born about 1922
WilliamsDorothy born about 1938
WilliamsGeneva born about 1939

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