1940 U.S. Federal Census of Lisbon in Whitfield County, Whitfield, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Whitfield County > 1940 Census of Lisbon in Whitfield County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames H Surnames M Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AlvinBobbie born about 1930
AlvinClaud born about 1935
AlvinJack born about 1928
AlvinMaud born about 1881

B Surnames

BarryBechie Sueborn about 1940
BarryHazel born about 1923
BarryLawson born about 1920
BartonCatheline born about 1928
BartonClara born about 1905
BartonFranis born about 1938
BartonJ Dborn about 1924
BartonJewel born about 1921
BartonMalry born about 1930
BartonMartha born about 1934
BartonT Dborn about 1892
BrownLilly Annborn about 1902

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C Surnames

CrowAllen born about 1922
CrowChess born about 1890
CrowEarl born about 1919
CrowEthel born about 1891
CrowFrank born about 1920
CrowGanlend born about 1917

H Surnames

HerdersonEugene born about 1928
HerdersonEvanh born about 1899
HerdersonFred born about 1940
HerdersonGlenn born about 1930
HerdersonLoir born about 1937
HerdersonMyrtle born about 1902

M Surnames

MorrisonAnna Marieborn about 1933
MorrisonBessie born about 1898
MorrisonC Aborn about 1893
MorrisonDally Ruthborn about 1926
MorrisonJoe born about 1924
MorrisonRora Nellborn about 1930

S Surnames

SissonDelsie born about 1932
SissonElsie born about 1932
SissonJimmie born about 1927
SissonJohnx born about 1889
SissonPauline born about 1924
SissonStella born about 1891

W Surnames

WootonClyde born about 1928
WootonJohn Jr born about 1929

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