1940 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs in Mitchell County, Mitchell, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Mitchell County > 1940 Census of Meigs in Mitchell County

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A Surnames

AndsonAny born about 1904
AndsonCora Leeborn about 1916
AndsonCora Leeborn about 1936
AndsonJohn born about 1895

B Surnames

BoldenMary born about 1883
BrownJanie Pborn about 1915
BrownJohn Dborn about 1910
BrownLucille born about 1933
BrownMary Aborn about 1939
BrownRoy Jborn about 1940
BrownThelma born about 1937

C Surnames

CollinsGeorge Gborn about 1895
CollinsJewel born about 1920
CollinsLillar Mborn about 1900
CollinsMyrtle born about 1924

E Surnames

EdardChristine born about 1932

F Surnames

FieldEugene born about 1891
FieldLois born about 1912
FordAnnie Pborn about 1935
FordCharles Wborn about 1939
FordEdna Lborn about 1924
FordEdward Mborn about 1931
FordFlorence Cborn about 1926
FordGeorge Rborn about 1932
FordJessie Mborn about 1903
FordJohn Jborn about 1896
FordJonnie Mborn about 1923
FordMargie Eborn about 1936

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G Surnames

GrantAnn Bborn about 1895
GrantWilliam Bborn about 1895

H Surnames

HambletonJanie Bborn about 1879
HambletonJesselyn Mborn about 1908
HambletonJohn Rborn about 1878
HambletonMinnie born about 1905

I Surnames

IngramEllie Rborn about 1910

J Surnames

JohnsonLequeta Mborn about 1935
JohnsonRobert Eborn about 1906
JohnsonRuth born about 1915

N Surnames

NixonAnne Lborn about 1938
NixonJuanita born about 1937
NixonLila Rborn about 1922
NixonMagnest born about 1919

R Surnames

RustinLorene born about 1906

T Surnames

ThompsonJunior born about 1927

W Surnames

WestAndrew born about 1870
WestDolly born about 1911
WestHearly born about 1922
WestLois born about 1895
WhellerErnestine born about 1902
WilkesMary Eborn about 1880

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