1940 U.S. Federal Census of Oatland Island, Chatham, Georgia

Census index courtesy of RootsPoint.com

USA > Georgia > Chatham County > 1940 Census of Oatland Island

L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

L Surnames

LiddellAnna Cborn about 1869

M Surnames

MangureJ Wborn about 1870
McclureA Sborn about 1859
McnairD Eborn about 1867
MiltonGeorge born about 1864

N Surnames

NugentF Eborn about 1859

P Surnames

PattersonE Cborn about 1865
PeirceW Aborn about 1871
PontowR Aborn about 1860

R Surnames

ReidJanet born about 1860
ReillyJ Jborn about 1869
ReillyJames born about 1871
RuppA Lborn about 1865
RuppJanie born about 1843

S Surnames

ScatesW Aborn about 1881
SchmidtGeorge Eborn about 1866
SekinsFrank Hborn about 1861
ShoopJerome born about 1860
SmithMary Wborn about 1880
StuverCharles Eborn about 1861

T Surnames

TemplemanW Eborn about 1862
TerreyH Wborn about 1868
TopliffH Mborn about 1863

W Surnames

WeilerL Eborn about 1873
WilsonOrville born about 1878
WilsonW Cborn about 1865
WolfeJ Rborn about 1866
WoodworthH Lborn about 1860

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