1940 U.S. Federal Census of Pinehurst in Chatham County, Chatham, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Chatham County > 1940 Census of Pinehurst in Chatham County

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B Surnames

BoykinAnnie born about 1921
BoykinDorothy born about 1940
BoykinWalter born about 1917
BoykinWalter Jr born about 1938

C Surnames

CabannissCharles Aborn about 1876
CookAnnie Ruthborn about 1902
CookElleanor born about 1935
CookLeroy born about 1892
CookLeroy Jr born about 1924

D Surnames

DorisElsie Maeborn about 1914
DorisRaymond Wborn about 1911

F Surnames

FreundtAlbert Hborn about 1906
FreundtAlbert H Jrborn about 1933
FreundtJewel born about 1916
FreundtJosephine born about 1936

H Surnames

HeidtDoris Lborn about 1925
HeidtHenry Jborn about 1923
HeidtLillian born about 1903
HeidtLouise Wborn about 1901
HiottGeneva born about 1918
HorneAubrey born about 1913
HutchinsonClayton Dborn about 1897
HutchinsonDanson Jr born about 1930
HutchinsonEugene born about 1933
HutchinsonMary Aliceborn about 1935
HutchinsonPearl born about 1896

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J Surnames

JonesGardenia born about 1938
JonesMary Eltaborn about 1920
JonesMilton Charlesborn about 1907

K Surnames

KennedyJohn born about 1900
KennedyJohn Jborn about 1923
KennedyTerrie born about 1903

M Surnames

MillerAlma born about 1915
MillerRobert born about 1937
MillerRodney Aborn about 1905
MorganHattie Wborn about 1885
MorganMathew Mborn about 1887
MosleyAndrew Jacksonborn about 1897
MosleyGladystine born about 1934
MosleyMaude born about 1899

N Surnames

NelsonMaude born about 1914
NelsonThomas born about 1910
NelsonThomas Jr born about 1936

R Surnames

RoachBetty Jeanborn about 1933
RoachCharles born about 1932
RoachEdward born about 1923
RoachJames Aborn about
RoachJames Fborn about 1882
RoachMargie Elizabethborn about 1939
RoachMattie born about 1897
RocheFritz born about 1905
RocheGrethel born about 1909

S Surnames

SmithHenry Eborn about 1896
SmithMary Sborn about 1898
SmithMildred born about 1921

T Surnames

TutenIda Jonesborn about 1886
TutenMary Annaborn about 1937
TutenRuth born about 1916
TutenWilliam Fborn about 1895
TutenWilliam F Jrborn about 1916

U Surnames

UrbanowitzAnna Belleborn about 1925
UrbanowitzCatherine born about 1928
UrbanowitzCharles born about 1924
UrbanowitzFred Jborn about 1900
UrbanowitzJimmie born about 1930
UrbanowitzMable born about 1902
UrbanzEdward Eborn about 1920
UrbanzUna born about 1924

W Surnames

WaldenLillian Jr born about 1931
WaldenMabel born about 1903
WaldenWalter Jr born about 1931
WaldenWilliam W Jrborn about 1929
WalterLillie born about 1878
WinnJames Rborn about 1916
WinnJosephine born about 1916
WinnMarvin Lborn about 1914
WinnMarvin Jr born about 1935
WinnMary born about 1920
WinnRobert Lborn about 1936

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