1940 U.S. Federal Census of Raileys, Laurens, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Laurens County > 1940 Census of Raileys

B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames M Surnames O Surnames P Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BarwickAda born about 1908
BarwickHubert born about 1911

C Surnames

ConeyDoretha born about 1935
ConeyFrances born about 1930
ConeyNathan born about 1905
ConeyRoberta born about 1915

G Surnames

GrahamHewie born about 1938
GrahamOsler Cborn about 1918
GrahamSybil born about 1917

M Surnames

MorrisBettie Louborn about 1939
MorrisLola born about 1908
MorrisRalph Hborn about 1912

O Surnames

OnealBob born about 1863
OnealClara born about 1931
OnealGeorge born about 1927
OnealJosie Maeborn about 1908
OnealR Bborn about 1938

P Surnames

PapeEvelyn born about 1910
PapeGeorge born about 1921
PapeJ Eborn about 1867
PapeRosa born about 1885
PettsElise born about 1924
PettsGrace born about 1922
PettsGrarlene born about 1937
PettsI Johnborn about 1897
PettsJohn Wborn about 1926
PettsLorenzia born about 1934
PettsNellie Cborn about 1900
PettsNorman born about 1928

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S Surnames

StanleyThelma born about 1910
StanleyWillis Aborn about 1913

W Surnames

WormackCarolyn born about 1934
WormackElmer born about 1931
WormackJames Wborn about 1900
WormackJoyce born about 1937
WormackMae Jessieborn about 1915
WormackNaomi born about 1936
WormackShirley born about 1939
WormackT Kborn about 1891
WormackThomas K Jrborn about 1921

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