1940 U.S. Federal Census of Waycross, Ware, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Ware County > 1940 Census of Waycross

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames I Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BrittonLizzie born about 1886

C Surnames

CoxCharlie born about 1925
CoxRichard Gborn about 1865
CoxSibby born about 1877
CummingBenny born about 1920

D Surnames

DasherHeneratte born about 1855

E Surnames

EalyTurner born about 1884

F Surnames

FoyJ E Mrsborn about 1888
FoyJames Eborn about 1881

G Surnames

GriffinBetty Jborn about 1933
GriffinDonald born about 1931
GriffinFlorine born about 1929
GriffinSusie Lborn about 1908
GriffinVirginnia Nborn about 1936
GriffinWilliam Gborn about 1908
GriffinWilliam Gborn about 1938

I Surnames

IrwinRobert Jborn about 1885
IrwinVerge Cborn about 1883

J Surnames

JacksCranford born about 1877
JacobsMattie Sueborn about 1910
JoynerJackie born about 1919
JoynerWoodson born about 1913

K Surnames

KnightClara Gborn about 1870
KnightWilliam Bborn about 1865
KoonThomas Dborn about 1920

L Surnames

LainE Maudborn about 1878
LainIsaac Dborn about 1874
LainWilliam Kborn about 1864
LitchMacey Hborn about 1871
LytleElizabeth Sborn about 1897
LytleWilliam Sborn about 1898

M Surnames

McclainMaud born about 1900
McgregorMaude Aborn about 1909
MckoyEdda Lonborn about 1902
MckoyJessie Bborn about 1902
MitchellJennie born about 1870
MurreySusian born about 1873

N Surnames

NormanFlorence Sborn about 1860
NormanLionel Aborn about 1892

P Surnames

PennellMinnie born about 1871
PerryAlbert born about 1929
PerryCheese born about 1895
PerryEzielia* born about 1927
PerryGeorge Mborn about 1925
PerryHosey born about 1937
PerryIda Maeborn about 1924
PerryJohn born about 1897
PerryOsmond born about 1931
PerryQueen born about 1934
PerryVidollia born about 1919
PhillipsEunice Eborn about 1905

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R Surnames

RobertsKingsley born about 1896
RossnerElse born about 1907
RoyEthel Lborn about 1891
RoyPaul Eborn about 1885
RussianAgnese born about 1921
RussianSamel born about 1914
RussianSamul Jr born about 1937

S Surnames

SchanerFranklin Fborn about 1881
SchanerFranklin Mr born about 1886
ScharkeyClayton Wborn about 1898
ScottMax Eborn about 1891
ShapiroHarry born about 1915
ShapiroHelen Sborn about 1915
SimmesJoe Eborn about 1917
SimmesJoe Wborn about 1937
SimmesPauline born about 1921
SmithMaryan born about 1935
SmithRose Mborn about 1898
SurrencyFlorence Bborn about 1917

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T Surnames

TaylorLula born about 1871
ThalElizabeth Bborn about 1884
ThalSamuel Hborn about 1884
TruettArtie Eborn about 1892

W Surnames

WellsCharles Bborn about 1895
WellsCharles B Mrsborn about 1903
WertheimJeanette born about 1870
WickerWilliam Wborn about 1905
WrightW Eborn about 1898

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