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Toombs County Records by City/Town

Cedar Crossing Genealogy (15)
Lyons Genealogy (34)

Vidalia Genealogy (37)

Overview of Toombs County Records

  • Toombs County was created in 1905 from Emanuel, Tattnall, and Montgomery counties.
  • Copies of birth and death certificates from 1919 and later can be obtained from the Georgia Department of Public Health.
  • The Toombs County Probate Court has birth records starting in 1905, marriage records starting in 1905, death records starting in 1905, burial records, and probate records starting in 1905.
  • The Toombs County Clerk Superior Court ha divorce records, court records starting in 1905, and land records starting in 1905.
  • Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.