1940 U.S. Federal Census of Mount Pleasant, Henry, Iowa

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USA > Iowa > Henry County > 1940 Census of Mount Pleasant

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A Surnames

AndersonBlanche born about 1893
AndersonCorrine Emmaborn about 1873
AndersonLula born about 1903
AndersonMarilyn born about 1932
AndersonWinnie born about 1878
ArmknechtEdna Louiseborn about 1889
ArnouldMary Wborn about 1861

B Surnames

BaileyEliher Eborn about 1869
BakerBessie Mayborn about 1896
BarisHelen born about 1916
BeckerAlice Dorothyborn about 1877
BenckeBeatrice Berthaborn about 1908
BenckeElmer Williamborn about 1900
BrittonHelen Maudeborn about 1915
BrownMary Fborn about 1904
BrownWayne Bborn about 1905

C Surnames

CanfieldLaura born about 1882
CanfieldRuth Mborn about 1904
CarnahanMarie born about 1908
CarnahanRalph Sborn about 1910
CarstensenClara born about 1891
CaspersonElida born about 1875
ClappHelen born about 1894
CollinsAddie Lborn about 1863
CookSara Eborn about 1870
CramerBina Rborn about 1876
CuptonAlfred Thomasborn about 1916
CuptonNola Marieborn about 1920

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D Surnames

DanielsLaura Janeborn about 1861
DennisGeorge Rborn about 1905
DennisRose Mborn about 1912
DiehnCharlotte Eborn about 1882
DoneyHelen Francesborn about 1905
DonihyMayme Theresaborn about 1872

E Surnames

EggersJulia Mrs born about 1881
EmersonAnna Lborn about 1872

F Surnames

FerrisTillie Elizabethborn about 1858
FitzpatrickHelen born about 1909
FlemingSophia born about 1867
FrentressVeda Arleneborn about 1917
FrickelNellie Parksborn about 1885

G Surnames

GarrettMatilda born about 1873
GeigerGrace born about 1877
GeisonVera born about 1896
GilfillanMyrta Eborn about 1887
GoodenFrance Ellenborn about 1881
GreenLaura born about 1869
GriffinFannie Marionborn about 1883

H Surnames

HarrisMinnie Vinaborn about 1905
HarveyMary Eborn about 1867
HelmickMargaret Ellenborn about 1856
HerrickMaude born about 1880
HigdonDoris Louiseborn about 1914
HigdonGrover born about 1907
HighamElizabeth born about 1865
HighbyHarry Mborn about 1889
HighbyIrma Nborn about 1901
HighbyMyron Leeborn about 1933
HighbyRobert Mborn about 1927
HighbyRosalie Mborn about 1924
HighbySheila born about 1939
HighbyWayne Fborn about 1930
HildebrandFannie born about 1893
HonglinWm Mborn about 1898
HopsonAgnes Maudeborn about 1908
HopsonLoy Washingtonborn about 1900

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J Surnames

JamesLydia Nobleborn about 1889
JeffinesD Bborn about 1911
JelsunTinn* born about 1887
JensenEdna born about 1919
JensenRachael born about 1903
JensenThorwald Cborn about 1901
JohnsonAmanda born about 1869
JohnsonViola born about 1869
JonesSarah Annaborn about 1856

K Surnames

KockAlton Rborn about 1913
KoenighainIda Maeborn about 1863
KorschgenKathryn Louiseborn about 1877
KrotzHelen Mildredborn about 1912

L Surnames

LaubscherNorah Annaborn about 1889
LefaberSadie born about 1885
LenchSarah born about 1856
Linquist??? born about 1899
LitscherElfreda born about 1883
LobbLois Gborn about 1905
LunkleyPearl Edithborn about 1874

M Surnames

MalokAnna born about 1875
MarquisMary Lillianborn about 1884
MartinCarol Lucileborn about 1897
MathewsEmma Ellenborn about 1861
McCarrolJennie Mareborn about 1922
McCormickCatherine born about 1912
McCoxIona Graceborn about 1892
McGuireVictor born about 1874
McKennaAnna Fborn about 1857
MeadowrAbbie born about 1904
MeehanMaybelle Rosellaborn about 1912
MillerF Rborn about 1907
MillerJonathen Jborn about 1869
MillerWilma born about 1908
MitchellMildred Bessieborn about 1904
MolanderAugusta born about 1868
MontgomeryPearl born about 1888
MooreVada born about 1901
MorganSadie Vborn about 1870
MurphyEdith born about 1889

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N Surnames

NelsonEsther Arleneborn about 1919
NicholsonPearl Pborn about 1882
NicholsonSarah Eborn about 1889

O Surnames

OnearsNellie born about 1866
OwensHannah born about 1866
OwensLuvena born about 1911

P Surnames

ParsonsMamie Mosellaborn about 1883
PeifferMarion Annaborn about 1894
PetersonAnna born about 1873
PoushEthel Aborn about 1894
PoushLloyd Fborn about 1891

R Surnames

RayJessie born about 1877
RemickGlen born about 1921
RemickHenry born about 1891
RemickIra born about 1892
RemickKenneth born about 1917
RiceViolet born about 1901
RiordanAgnes Elanoreborn about 1898
RutherfordHarry Irvineborn about 1897
RutherfordHazel born about 1902
RynnOlive Loganborn about 1875

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S Surnames

SaithNora born about 1905
SalamonHelen born about 1895
ScheferGretchen Jborn about 1914
SmithRose born about 1866
SmithVerna Zaiserborn about 1895
SourwineMatilda born about 1881
SpinharneySteve Jborn about 1911
SprySa???th born about 1854
StarkEsther born about 1906
StoddardMarian Louiseborn about 1914
StoneLillian Aborn about 1896
StraitEthyl Marieborn about 1908
StrattonAnna born about 1895
StraughanEmma Janeborn about 1884
SueppelGenevieve born about 1898
SundenJosephine born about 1867

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T Surnames

TaylorHenrietta Janeborn about 1904
TaylorLaura Aliceborn about 1906
TaylorOrman born about 1899
TaylorWilliam Everettborn about 1893

W Surnames

WelchJulia Mayborn about 1853
WernerFlorence born about 1901
WernerFrank Eborn about 1894
WestFlora born about 1863
WestKatherine Maryborn about 1888
WhitakerRose born about 1877
WileySamuel born about 1915

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