1940 U.S. Federal Census of Northboro, Page, Iowa

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USA > Iowa > Page County > 1940 Census of Northboro

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A Surnames

ArmstrongFlorence Eborn about 1919
ArmstrongJames Aborn about 1915

B Surnames

BaileyEdna Lborn about 1920
BainGeorge Rborn about 1879
BainLenora Bborn about 1893
BarberAllen Lborn about 1934
BarberEarl Eborn about 1906
BarberFlorence Eborn about 1907
BarberJames Fborn about 1939
BarberJohn Eborn about 1932
BarberMary Eborn about 1930
BarberRichard Dborn about 1938
BarberShirley Mborn about 1936
BaylessDorothy Eborn about 1930
BaylessElizabeth Jborn about 1921
BaylessFloyd Aborn about 1885
BaylessJohn Fborn about 1925
BaylessJune Eborn about 1923
BaylessMarion Dborn about 1916
BaylessNorma Eborn about 1928
BaylessZelma Fborn about 1887
BeldingAlice Eborn about 1865
BennettEdna Iborn about 1916
BennettMerle Aborn about 1915
BoylanKarl Tborn about 1907
BoylanThelma Lborn about 1909
BoyleLona born about 1869
BurroughsClaire Gborn about 1932
BurroughsFrank Bborn about 1854
BurroughsLula born about 1900
BurroughsRalph Fborn about 1930
BurroughsSarah Pborn about 1863
BurroughsWilliam Tborn about 1890

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C Surnames

CatoEffie Aborn about 1867
CatoTilla Cborn about 1874
CowanAlice Eborn about 1880
CrealViaola Eborn about 1871
CrealWilliam Wborn about 1867

D Surnames

DarbyBenjamin Pborn about 1895
DarbyEvelyn Mborn about 1912
DarbyJohn Wborn about 1904
DarbyMinnie Pborn about 1875
DarbyPerry Cborn about 1877
DuncanDavid Aborn about 1890

F Surnames

FergusonWoodrow Wborn about 1917
FoleyLionel Vborn about 1923
FoleyMichael Mborn about 1887
FoleyNorma Lborn about 1887
FosworthyElizabeth Lborn about 1933
FosworthyLeonard Lborn about 1907
FosworthyMyrtle Eborn about 1909
FosworthyWilliam Fborn about 1937

G Surnames

GellBobby Lborn about 1934
GellDarrel Tborn about 1940
GellJoyce Jborn about 1938
GellLeonard Tborn about 1908
GellVelma Lborn about 1912
GillespieCharles Bborn about 1879
GillespieDorothy Mborn about 1930
GillespieEva born about 1889
GillespieHelen Mborn about 1928
GillespieMargaret Lborn about 1926
GillespieOrville Bborn about 1924
GrahamAnna born about 1890
GrahamElmer Rborn about 1921
GrahamIsaac G Wborn about 1883
GregoryCecile Nborn about 1905
GregoryDonald Wborn about 1939
GregoryPaul Wborn about 1904

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H Surnames

HaynieWalter born about 1886
HendersonEthel Jborn about 1917
HendersonRobert Dborn about 1919
HiteBernice Sborn about 1929
HiteDora Vborn about 1898
HiteDorothy Jborn about 1935
HiteLeslie Mborn about 1898
HiteRaymond Mborn about 1922
HiteRobert Lborn about 1921
HolmesForest Jborn about 1882
HolmesVelma born about 1884
HopkinsCarroll Hborn about 1879
HopkinsGrace Iborn about 1886
HullBenjamin Fborn about 1878

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I Surnames

IrvinCora Iborn about 1892
IrvinGeorge Gborn about 1865
IrvinJean born about 1892
IrvinJohn born about 1886
IrvinMargaret Aborn about 1921

K Surnames

KryselmierElizabeth Aborn about 1918
KryselmierGeorge Lborn about 1882
KryselmierLinnie Mborn about 1883

L Surnames

LairBarbara Lborn about 1925
LairGeorgia Lborn about 1900
LairOtis Rborn about 1900

M Surnames

MackayRussell Rborn about 1914
MackayShirley Aborn about 1919
MacranderAlpha Mborn about 1899
MacranderDavid Rborn about 1925
MacranderHarold Rborn about 1900
MacranderMax Eborn about 1928
MacranderMelvin Hborn about 1926
MacronderCarroll Rborn about 1934
MacronderDwayne Dborn about 1931
MacronderEdwin Gborn about 1926
MacronderIva Iborn about 1906
MacronderLeland Lborn about 1928
MalcomJames Rborn about 1888
MarguartEthel Lborn about 1872
MarguartMuriel born about 1905
McDanielFrancis Bborn about 1924
McDanielFrancis Mborn about 1898
McDanielNorman Kborn about 1934
McDanielPatsy Aborn about 1933
McDanielThelma Fborn about 1901
McQueenCaroline born about
McQueenDavid Eborn about 1885
McQueenGrace Aborn about 1883
McQueenRichard Fborn about
MeyersBerton Eborn about 1884
MeyersExcie Mborn about 1890
MillerHarold Eborn about 1912
MillsJean Eborn about 1925
MillsPatricia Jborn about 1930
MillsVesta born about 1894
MurphyMable Sborn about 1892
MurphyMargaret Jborn about 1926
MurphyPatricia Lborn about 1930
MurphyRoy Bborn about 1887

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O Surnames

OliphantAlma Mborn about 1865

P Surnames

PeckLillian Mborn about 1877
PeersonDarlene Lborn about 1930
PeersonLeslie Lborn about 1904
PeersonVerna Dborn about 1907
PetersonDonald born about 1934
PetersonHarold Rborn about 1910
PetersonMary I Lborn about 1930
PetersonMelvin Wborn about 1907
PetersonNorma Lborn about 1931
PetersonRobert Lborn about 1940
PetersonThelma Iborn about 1910
PetersonWinifred Jborn about 1917
PikeAlfred Aborn about 1883
PikeBessie Mborn about 1883

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R Surnames

RobertsBertha Bborn about 1896
RobertsIda Iborn about 1887
RobertsSadie Aborn about 1854

S Surnames

SayeCharles Wborn about 1901
SayeCharles Wborn about 1924
SayeElsie Eborn about 1904
SayeLouis Aborn about 1928
SheltonBillie Mborn about 1926
SheltonElgerta born about 1895
SheltonWilliam Rborn about 1896
SigismundHarry born about 1899
SigismundMartha born about 1875
SigismundWilliam born about 1872
SligerBetty Jborn about 1931
SligerFairis Fborn about 1923
SligerGladys Fborn about 1900
SligerJesse Cborn about 1884
SligerRobert Dborn about 1921
SmithAnna Bborn about 1894
SmithEmma Mborn about 1927
SmithEmory Oborn about 1897
SmithGearald Dborn about 1926
SmithLewelleyn Lborn about 1932
SmithMarjorie Lborn about 1923
SmithMary Jborn about 1930
SmithVera Lborn about 1901
SmithVern Tborn about 1881
SmithWanda Lborn about 1929
SpeakmanLorena born about 1898
SpeakmanRobert born about 1896
SrbHannah Lborn about 1918
StandifordBenjamin Eborn about 1887
StandifordMary Pborn about 1891
SwanderLetha Lborn about 1875

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V Surnames

VantenschAlfred born about 1895
VantenschAlfred born about 1930
VantenschElizabeth born about 1935
VantenschGeorge born about 1931
VantenschMartha born about 1895
VantenschWayne born about 1923
VonterschAlfred born about

W Surnames

WelandEdd Rborn about 1883

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