1940 U.S. Federal Census of Pleasant Plain, Jefferson, Iowa

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USA > Iowa > Jefferson County > 1940 Census of Pleasant Plain

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A Surnames

AndersonGladis Mborn about 1920
AndersonHarold Uborn about 1918
AveryBarbara Jeanborn about 1937
AveryFlorence born about 1918
AveryGerold born about 1915
AveryMary Louiseborn about 1939

B Surnames

BailyJosephine Mborn about 1872
BallardHanry born about 1870
BallardKlie born about 1877
BendaBeradine born about 1938
BendaClenn born about 1899
BendaHelen Lborn about 1936
BendaJosephine born about 1906
BendaMary Janeborn about 1933
BjorkArthur Wborn about 1898
BjorkFrances Rborn about 1933
BjorkIrene Hborn about 1926
BjorkMirthel Fborn about 1902
BjorkRussell Aborn about 1937
BurroughsHope born about 1925

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C Surnames

ChahupaDora Mborn about 1916
ChahupaL Wborn about 1913
ChahupaShirley Raeborn about 1936
CoffinHervey Jborn about 1903
CorterJohn born about 1869
CrissBertha Mborn about 1926
CrissEdward Eborn about 1915
CrissSylvia Mborn about 1917
CrissWayne E Iborn about 1940

D Surnames

DavissonAlice Lborn about 1935
DavissonBertha born about 1897
DavissonCarroll Lborn about 1922
DavissonRoselie Fborn about 1928
DavissonVictor Lborn about 1924
DavissonVirginia Mborn about 1926
DemuthMarion born about 1920

E Surnames

EasterClifford born about 1901
EasterKessie born about 1905
EatingerClifford born about 1903
EatingerEdie Mborn about 1874
EatingerJohn born about 1861
ElmoreMaude born about 1892
ElmoreMaynard born about 1898
EmerySusanna born about 1872

F Surnames

ForbesArthur Oborn about 1883
ForbesEva Vborn about 1893
ForbesJoyce Mborn about 1927
ForbesLester Vborn about 1920
ForbesRoy Aborn about 1923
ForbesWilbur Aborn about 1913
FrescolnDortha born about 1918
FritzJohn Vincentborn about 1881
FritzLena Mborn about 1883

H Surnames

HayesGloralie born about 1932
HayesHarold Lborn about 1910
HayesLouise born about 1911
HayesMary Luborn about 1934
HayesRobert born about 1938
HayesWilliam born about 1936
HenryCharles born about 1860
HenryCharline born about 1926
HenryEthel born about 1892
HenryEthel born about 1922
HestonCora Rborn about 1894
HestonSylmon Eborn about 1895
HodsonAnna born about 1867
HodsonCharles born about 1900
HodsonJames Hborn about 1895
HodsonNita Fborn about 1926
HodsonPaul Eborn about 1918
HodsonRoss born about 1901
HodsonWilliam Kborn about 1920
HorshamAlbert born about 1918
HorshamIren born about 1923
HorshamJanet born about 1939
HoskinsJoel born about 1865
HoskinsMary Cborn about 1876
HurtzJanet Mborn about 1934
HurtzJerome Tborn about 1938
HurtzMyrtle Rborn about 1906

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J Surnames

JohnsonFloyd born about 1923
JonesCharles born about 1856
JonesEffie born about 1871
JonesMinnie Sborn about 1877

K Surnames

KesselElizabeth Aborn about 1897
KesselJacob Jborn about 1863
KesselMary Cborn about 1867
KesselRaymond Jborn about 1897
KesselRaymond J Jrborn about 1927
KingAmelcia Aborn about 1873
KingArablle Mborn about 1856
KingChalmers born about 1882
KingJoe Nborn about 1889
KingMabel Pborn about 1901
KingMary Aborn about 1886
KingMary Joeborn about 1927
KingSam Cborn about 1871
KuntzAmma born about 1918
KuntzEdith Eborn about 1924
KurtzJerome Gborn about 1902
KyleVilla born about 1882

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L Surnames

LambertDavid Lborn about 1880
LambertNora Mayborn about 1883
LedgerWm Jborn about 1896
LindleBernice born about 1912

M Surnames

McMurrayCharolette ???born about 1922
McMurrayFrank Rborn about 1866
McMurrayNellie born about 1867
MealeyGeorge Wborn about 1867
MesnerClyde Mborn about 1884

N Surnames

NeevwenkisMary born about 1876
NeevwenkisVivian born about 1921
NelsonMargrie born about 1920
NickolsonLydia born about 1871
NickolsonTom Oborn about 1873
NickolsonWinefred born about 1880
NoeKeith Lborn about 1922
NoeNellie Mborn about 1875
NoeWm Lborn about 1866

P Surnames

PhinneyBertha Lborn about 1888
PhinneyCharles Lborn about 1924
PhinneyLauren born about 1884
PhinneyNaomi Cborn about 1919
PickenBetty Jborn about 1932
PickenCarol Mborn about 1934
PickenMargaret Gborn about 1907
PickeringBeula Mborn about 1920
PickeringCloyce born about 1916
PickeringFrancis Lborn about 1938
PickeringFrancis Rborn about 1897
PopejoyB Mborn about 1895
PopejoyBernard Jborn about 1925
PopejoyElla born about 1899
PopejoyWilliam Eborn about 1927

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R Surnames

ReighardAtha born about 1898
ReighardGeorge Aborn about 1869
ReighardThresa born about 1880

S Surnames

SchmidtkaTillie born about 1871
SheetzFaye born about 1891
SheetzJacob born about 1884
SheetzLe Ola Mborn about 1914
SingletonEthel born about 1891
SingletonFloyd born about 1886
SnookAnna Bborn about 1891
SnookEarnest Bborn about 1891
SnookEarnest Leeborn about 1927
SupallaDolores born about 1933
SupallaJ Cborn about 1903
SupallaMable born about 1907
SupallaRichard born about 1936

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T Surnames

TracyClark Wborn about 1867
TracyMary Eborn about 1877
TurnerAddie Eborn about 1883
TurnerClayton Oborn about 1880
TurnerHarry Oborn about 1908
TurnerPauline Gborn about 1906

W Surnames

WestFay Cborn about 1909
WestFloyd Jborn about 1935
WestGerold Dborn about 1928
WestGlen born about 1908
WestHomer Gborn about 1929
WestJoe Hborn about 1881
WestStella Mayborn about 1887
WestenkaverO Wborn about 1866
WickoffCarrie born about 1893
WickoffPerl born about 1891
WigginsFred born about 1879
WigginsPearl Vborn about 1883
WolfHelen Eborn about 1888
WolfeAndrew Fborn about 1882
WolfeClifford Jborn about 1920

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