Sidney Genealogy (in Fremont County, IA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Sidney Cemetery Records

Acord Cemetery Find a Grave

Fremont County Cemetery Find a Grave

Grandview Cemetery Find a Grave

Lacy Cemetery Find a Grave

Parsley Cemetery Find a Grave

Rector Cemetery Find a Grave

Sidney cemetery records,1854-1988 Family History Library

Sidney Church Records

Church records, 1852-1966 (Baptist Church (Sidney, Iowa)) Family History Library

Sidney Death Records

Mortuary records, 1882-1899 Family History Library

Sidney Land Records

Original entries, 1851-1865, Town of Sidney, 1851-1854 Family History Library

Sidney Newspapers and Obituaries

American Union. (Sidney, Iowa) 1862-1874 Multiple Archives

Fremont County Herald. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1885-1927 Multiple Archives

Fremont County Sun. (Sidney, Iowa) 1893-1909 Multiple Archives

Fremont Democrat. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1879-1883 Multiple Archives

Fremont Herald. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1858-1859 State Historical Society of Iowa

Sidney Argus-Herald. (Sidney, Iowa) 1927-Current Multiple Archives

Sidney Argus. (Sidney, Iowa) 1916-1927 Multiple Archives

Sidney Semi-Weekly Union. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1883-1880s Multiple Archives

Sidney Union-Advocate. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1880-1881 Multiple Archives

Sidney Union. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1874-1880 Multiple Archives

Sidney Union. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1880s-1887 Multiple Archives

Sidney Union. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1882-1883 Multiple Archives

Union Times. (Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa) 1887-1893 Western Iowa Newspaper Project