1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bridge, Cassia, Idaho

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USA > Idaho > Cassia County > 1940 Census of Bridge

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BarnesEdith born about 1924
BarnesEldon Mathewborn about 1922
BarnesIsabell born about 1899
BarnesJames Lelandborn about 1925
BarnesJoseph Wborn about 1893
BarnesMabel born about 1922
BarnesMarion born about 1934
BarnesMax Curtisborn about 1883
BarnesPaul Deanborn about 1927
BarnesRobert Wendellborn about 1924
BarnesRoland born about 1927
BarnesWayne born about 1929
BoothBoyd Royborn about 1933
BoothCollin Mborn about 1930
BoothJoyce born about 1931
BoothLa Vaughn born about 1908
BoothMarlin Hborn about 1906
BronsonGeorge Hermanborn about 1937
BronsonMargery Tborn about 1914
BronsonMarvin Rayborn about 1931
BronsonOwen Westonborn about 1935
BronsonRoda born about 1932
BronsonWesley Rborn about 1906

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C Surnames

CampbellH Sanfordborn about 1916
CampbellRosalie Bborn about 1919
CrupperHomer Lawrenceborn about 1906

D Surnames

DillmanEverett Royceborn about 1906
DorseyCarlos Edwardborn about 1907
DorseyChester Virgilborn about 1937
DorseyEdna Ermaborn about 1914
DorseyRoberta Ruthborn about 1933
DurfeeOrin Fborn about 1915

E Surnames

EstepDoc born about 1903

F Surnames

FolkBonnie born about 1919
FolkJulion Bborn about 1910
FolkWyona born about 1939
FredricksonDean born about 1937
FredricksonMary born about 1902

G Surnames

GillIrene born about 1913
GunnellFay born about 1906
GunnellFrancis Pborn about 1916
GunnellGayle born about 1936
GunnellGrant Pborn about 1925
GunnellLaura Pborn about 1917
GunnellRoy born about 1927
GunnellWilliam born about 1902
GunnellWilliam Jborn about 1876

H Surnames

HammerBonita Maeborn about 1916
HammerCarol Louiseborn about 1939
HammerGolden Sborn about 1918
HammerGree Bonnieborn about 1937
HammerRozanne born about 1938
HawkinsReta Laurelborn about 1926
HawkinsRobert Louisborn about 1935
HawkinsTravis Bodreroborn about 1924
HawkinsVivien Louiseborn about 1902
HawkinsWilliam Lesterborn about 1899
HawkinsWilliam Thomasborn about 1875
HepworthEdgar born about 1892
HunterE Leeborn about 1891
HunterHazel Blairborn about 1898
HutchisonJames Waltonborn about 1902
HutchisonLula Guyborn about 1910

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J Surnames

JardineBonna Marieborn about 1938
JardineIvy Hadfieldborn about 1913
JardineJa Nealborn about 1933
JardineJoyce La Naeborn about 1936
JardineLawrence Bborn about 1913
JardineLawrence Darvinborn about 1937
JardineRose born about 1877
JespersonVauna born about 1926
JonesGlenn born about 1927
JonesHarold born about 1920
JonesLeona born about 1907
JonesNelwin born about 1924
JonesOscar born about 1905
JonesPatsy born about 1935
JonesRosa born about 1894
JonesVel born about 1887
JonesWilliam born about 1932

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K Surnames

KemptonCharles Artherborn about 1893
KemptonRay born about 1928
KemptonRuth Jborn about 1896

L Surnames

LenningerGeorge born about 1907
LenningerJames born about 1921
LenningerThomas born about 1922

M Surnames

MathesonPearl Gerettaborn about 1887
MathesonRobert Bborn about 1878
McGillAnne born about 1873
McGillJames Sborn about 1873
McKinzieDaniel born about 1873

N Surnames

NealFrancis born about 1899
NealHarry born about 1894
NealMaxine born about 1929
NewboldDolores born about 1901
NewboldGeorge Alvinborn about 1893
NewboldLeonard Eugeneborn about 1918
NewboldRuth born about 1915
NewboldWallace Aborn about 1919

O Surnames

OlsonDarwin born about 1928
OlsonDoris Josephineborn about 1929
OlsonDorsle born about 1928
OlsonElaine born about 1935
OlsonEloise born about 1930
OlsonFlorence born about 1936
OlsonFrank born about 1896
OlsonFrank Miltonborn about 1933
OlsonGeneva born about 1900
OlsonGeroaldine born about 1930
OlsonImogene born about 1926
OlsonIrene Mborn about 1913
OlsonJoyce born about 1932
OlsonRay Dborn about 1894

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P Surnames

PaskettAlice Naomiborn about 1915
PaskettCavell Hborn about 1920
PaskettDarrel born about 1936
PaskettEdwin Hborn about 1917
PaskettEsther Gwenneborn about 1919
PaskettJesee born about 1919
PaskettKathryn born about 1938
PotterCharles Monroeborn about 1882
PotterVelma born about 1883

R Surnames

RaguetKeith born about 1917
RobisonWillis Elliotborn about 1918
RoseBert Leeborn about 1932
RoseDarrell Eugeneborn about 1935
RoseFloyd born about 1900
RoseMary born about 1908

S Surnames

SchmidtBen Vborn about 1908
SchmidtCaroline born about 1938
SchmidtEmma born about 1870
SchmidtLucille born about 1911
SchmidtOtis born about 1905
SmootAdella Zoeborn about 1871
SmootRobert Cborn about 1869
SmootWilliam Henryborn about 1865

V Surnames

VankomenPaul Jamesborn about 1914

W Surnames

WarrBeverly Jeanborn about 1940
WarrCharels Heinerborn about 1918
WarrChloe born about 1919
WightClara Vborn about 1934
WightDonna Marieborn about 1932
WightHarvey Jborn about 1907
WightJohn Harveyborn about 1936
WightSarah Maeborn about 1908

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