1940 U.S. Federal Census of Canyon, Clearwater, Idaho

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USA > Idaho > Clearwater County > 1940 Census of Canyon

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B Surnames

BarnesHelen Mborn about 1910
BarnesRoy Cborn about 1910

C Surnames

CarrDale Kborn about 1935
CarrIrad born about 1898
CarrJessie Mborn about 1911
CarrRuth Dborn about 1933
CarrShirley Jborn about 1938
ChandlerGenevieve Mborn about 1921
ChandlerWilliam Aborn about 1891
CyrDella Iborn about 1873
CyrThomas Cborn about 1884

D Surnames

DennisFrank born about 1900

F Surnames

FosterElmer Gborn about 1882

H Surnames

HutchinsClaude Aborn about 1900
HutchinsClaude Eborn about 1938

K Surnames

KemperRose Iborn about 1911
KempeyHenry born about 1891

L Surnames

LanceEthel born about 1913
LanceJohn Dborn about 1911
LanceLattie Mborn about 1893
LanceMargaret Mborn about 1914
LanceRonald I Abborn about 1940
LanceWilliam Dborn about 1884

O Surnames

OwnbeyMarvin born about 1871
OwnbeyMaude born about 1883

P Surnames

PaulsonGilbert born about 1866
PaulsonJohn Lborn about 1904
PaulsonJulia born about 1868
PaulsonWalter Jborn about 1910

S Surnames

SnyderDarrell Dborn about 1924
SnyderDoris Eborn about 1929
SnyderHattie Wborn about 1887
SnyderJohn Sborn about 1876
StockingGladys Eborn about 1914
StockingHoke Jborn about 1894
StockingLadene Nborn about 1939
StockingPatricia Eborn about 1936
StockingRoy Lborn about 1879
StockingWilliam Lborn about 1938

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T Surnames

ThorntonCarl Wborn about 1937
ThorntonEdna Mborn about 1916
ThorntonVernt Oborn about 1912

W Surnames

WhesleyLester Zborn about 1896
WhesleyNellie Mborn about 1886
WhiteSunlie born about 1908

Y Surnames

YeagerHarvey Wborn about 1903

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