1940 U.S. Federal Census of Heglar, Cassia, Idaho

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USA > Idaho > Cassia County > 1940 Census of Heglar

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B Surnames

BattertonBarbara Anborn about 1938
BattertonEmma born about 1867
BattertonEmma Lborn about 1904
BattertonEthel Marieborn about 1920
BattertonFloyd born about 1889
BattertonFloyd Lborn about 1922
BattertonHarry born about 1932
BattertonIva born about 1912
BattertonJohn born about 1896
BattertonLouise born about 1937
BattertonRay born about 1935
BattertonTommy born about 1933
BattertonVirgil born about 1938
BougquinBeverly born about 1938
BougquinElsie born about 1915
BougquinRalph born about 1904
BougquinSusan born about 1873
BougquinWilliam Eborn about 1870
BourquinAlta born about 1936
BourquinClyde born about 1909
BourquinEunice Sarahborn about 1914
BourquinLewis born about 1914
BrownWilliam born about 1908

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C Surnames

CahoonConnie Raeborn about 1936
CarterEdward Sborn about 1865
CrumpAlfred Wborn about 1935
CrumpClyde Hborn about 1931
CrumpHoward Wborn about 1932
CurlRachel Dborn about 1869

D Surnames

DolphDora born about 1863
DolphJess Williamborn about 1889
DolphJohn Rborn about 1859
DolphNancy Ireneborn about 1890
DonnellyEdward Lborn about 1875

F Surnames

FarwellBert born about 1881
FarwellMary Eborn about 1920
FarwellMax Jborn about 1924
FarwellShriley Marieborn about 1928
FarwellWanda born about 1890
FarwellWilliam Aborn about 1918
FlemingMary Aborn about 1892
FlemingWalter Wborn about 1887

G Surnames

GlasscockRichard born about 1918
GlorfieldCharles Grantborn about 1936
GlorfieldFred born about 1898
GlorfieldNaomi born about 1899
GlorfieldTwylla Jeanborn about 1929

H Surnames

HallCora Sborn about 1893
HallGeorge Bborn about 1884

J Surnames

JensenClaude born about 1885
JensenDavid Eugeneborn about 1937
JensenElsie Louisaborn about 1899
JensenFairy Christeneborn about 1926
JensenFrank Christianborn about 1931
JensenGeorge Lowellborn about 1935
JensenRachel Marie Mborn about 1923
JensenWalter Andrewborn about 1928
JensenWillis Earlborn about 1933
JohnsonAnn Christineborn about 1925
JohnsonBernett born about 1886
JohnsonCharles Williamborn about 1928
JohnsonEarl Edgarborn about 1930
JohnsonEva Marieborn about 1923
JohnsonIrma Charlotteborn about 1933
JohnsonMarie Eborn about 1890
JohnsonOrville Mborn about 1915
JohnsonRaymond Hborn about 1921
JuddFloyd born about 1922
JuddLawrence born about 1924

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N Surnames

NixBaron Aborn about 1869
NixMary born about 1869
NixThomas Jborn about 1879

O Surnames

OsbornEsther Elviraborn about 1933
OsbornGeorge Sborn about 1900
OsbornHarvey born about 1893
OsbornJennie Loisborn about 1911
OsbornMelvin Lewisborn about 1935
OsbornMinnie Loisborn about 1931

P Surnames

PalmerEdna Marieborn about 1925
PalmerEmma born about 1870
PalmerGertrude Graceborn about 1893
PalmerJim Cborn about 1929
PalmerJune born about 1923
PalmerMartin Dborn about 1868
PalmerViola Eltnerborn about 1931
PalmerWilliam Clintonborn about 1889

R Surnames

RallsEverett born about 1905
RawsonArthur Marrillborn about 1911
RawsonCharlotte Mayborn about 1937
RawsonDarrell Lborn about 1936
RawsonElnora Mayborn about 1919
RawsonIrene Wborn about 1915
RawsonJohn Edwardborn about 1884
RawsonMerlyn Edwardborn about 1915
RawsonStephan Arthurborn about 1939
RehnJune born about 1917
RehnLeonard Williamborn about 1935
RehnMarlene born about 1938
RehnWilliam born about 1914
RichardsonCarl Eugeneborn about 1937
RichardsonElmer born about 1910
RichardsonEunice Marieborn about 1931
RichardsonHarold born about 1921
RichardsonMary born about 1909
RichardsonRueben born about 1919

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S Surnames

SayreJohn Franklinborn about 1918
SayreMinnie Bborn about 1875
SayreSomon Williamborn about 1871
SchlechtAlice Artelleborn about 1901
SchlechtArtelle Bborn about 1933
SchlechtArthu Henryborn about 1898
SchlechtGeorgina Louborn about 1937
SchlechtJoyce Annaborn about 1934

T Surnames

TaylorBobbie Eborn about 1934
TaylorEtta Vborn about 1907
TaylorWallace Cborn about 1905

W Surnames

WeaverMelvin born about 1917
WeaverVerda Vborn about 1921
WoodworthAustin born about 1914
WoodworthCharles Austinborn about 1939
WoodworthImogene born about 1920

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