1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bond Township in Bond County, Bond, Illinois

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USA > Illinois > Bond County > 1940 Census of Bond Township in Bond County

B Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames Y Surnames

B Surnames

BritschAdolph born about 1876

D Surnames

DickmeyerEdward born about 1892
DickmeyerRuth born about 1893

E Surnames

EdwardsGrace born about 1884
EdwardsWilliam born about 1882
EllisEdna Jborn about 1905
EllisLeslie Lborn about 1898

F Surnames

FileRay born about 1911
FileTessie born about 1913
FlueggeOscar born about 1879

G Surnames

GreseAudry Hborn about 1924
GreseDorothy Mborn about 1928
GreseFred Hborn about 1898
GreseLinda born about 1905
GricheOllie born about 1865

H Surnames

HairIrma born about 1900
HamptonGerald born about 1914
HamptonNan born about 1889
HigginsLula born about 1884

M Surnames

MurrayJennie born about 1871

P Surnames

PetersonDella Maeborn about 1936
PetersonFrank born about 1933
PetersonViolet born about 1912
PetersonWoodrow born about 1913

R Surnames

RuleJoan born about 1925
RuleMable born about 1892
RuleWalter born about 1887

S Surnames

SheltonNellie born about 1873

V Surnames

VaughnDonald born about 1915
VaughnJohn born about 1922
VaughnSula born about 1884
VaughnVirginia born about 1918
VonderbruggeCharles Aborn about 1909

W Surnames

WheatBob born about 1920
WheatClifford born about 1886
WheatGeneivie born about 1924
WheatVirginia born about 1891

Y Surnames

YoungGertrude born about 1919
YoungLena born about 1889
YoungOliver born about 1892

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