1940 U.S. Federal Census of Samgamon Valley Township, Cass, Illinois

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USA > Illinois > Cass County > 1940 Census of Samgamon Valley Township

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B Surnames

BeckWm Cborn about 1926
BokerWm Hborn about 1923
BookerCarolyn born about 1897
BrooksAlta Nborn about 1905
BrooksDelbert Jborn about 1925
BrooksMarjorie Jborn about 1929
BrooksMeles Wborn about 1903
BrooksMelvan Mborn about 1938
BrooksWilford Cborn about 1935

C Surnames

CeckMable born about 1905
CeckMary Lborn about 1927

D Surnames

DanielHattie born about 1882
DanielTilden born about 1876

F Surnames

FieldenClork Wborn about 1918
FieldenDonald born about 1917
FieldenFay Jborn about 1926
FieldenMar?m born about 1939
FieldenMay Eborn about 1922
FieldenWilma Lborn about 1900
FieldenWm Jborn about 1894
FieldsGeorge Fborn about 1917
FieldsMary Cborn about 1920
FieldsWilliam Fborn about 1939

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G Surnames

GriffenIven born about 1915
GriffenLuther Cborn about 1907

J Surnames

JohnsonArthur Lborn about 1877
JohnsonArthur L Jrborn about 1920
JohnsonNancy Aborn about 1884
JohnsonRichard Mborn about 1908

L Surnames

LeppertElmer Fborn about 1901
LeppertEvelin born about 1927
LeppertLarry born about 1937
LeppertVeara Gborn about 1905
LymHellen born about 1921
LymTilden Lborn about 1922

M Surnames

McCoyBueford Jborn about 1932
McCoyCharles Mborn about 1934
McCoyGlen Gborn about 1899
McCoyMilford Gborn about 1930
McCoyPaul Fborn about 1939
McCoyZelda born about 1911
McCoyZelda Mborn about 1938
MiersGeorge Rborn about 1932
MiersHenry Lborn about 1937
MiersHoward Eborn about 1929
MiersJohn Rborn about 1882
MiersMary Eborn about 1934
MiersSarah Iborn about 1939
MiersVerna Nborn about 1908

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P Surnames

PottinHenson Dborn about 1935
PottinMargaret born about 1905
PottinMargaret Jr born about 1932
PottinPhilip born about 1895
PottinRichard born about 1929

R Surnames

RayaDelois born about 1937
RayaOlivia born about 1912
RayaPauline born about 1918
ReedJewell Eborn about 1912
ReedLucille Mborn about 1911
ReedMary Lborn about 1931
ReedPatricia born about 1934

S Surnames

StinsonNellie Mborn about 1887
StinsonRobert Lborn about 1882
StinsonSarah Mborn about 1904

T Surnames

TaylorCarroll Oborn about 1924
TaylorCatherine born about 1920
TaylorCora Lborn about 1891
TaylorEarl Wborn about 1922
TaylorJames Oborn about 1882
TheivagtEleonor born about 1924

W Surnames

WagnerHenrietta born about 1863
WingAddie Eborn about 1884
WingFred Nborn about 1888
WingJames Kborn about 1881
WingMyrtis Aborn about 1891

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