1940 U.S. Federal Census of Wood Township, Sangamon, Illinois

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USA > Illinois > Sangamon County > 1940 Census of Wood Township

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames H Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames R Surnames T Surnames

B Surnames

BluhmCharles born about 1883
BluhmCharles born about 1930
BluhmGarry born about 1937
BluhmIda born about 1895
BluhmLaverne born about 1920
BrancatoMary born about 1890
BrancatoMck born about 1881
BrancatoNick born about 1904
BrancatoRosella born about 1923
BredwellCarl Wborn about 1894
BredwellGlenn born about 1904
BredwellWes born about 1868
BredwellWilarien born about 1873

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C Surnames

CapsinAnna born about 1924

D Surnames

DaddEugene born about 1929
DaddFlorence born about 1918
DaddFrances born about 1937
DaddRobert born about 1938
DaddWarren born about 1906

H Surnames

HartElza Janeborn about 1873
HartLouanne born about 1879
HartWalter born about 1878

K Surnames

KettererC Rborn about 1871
KettererHelen born about 1882

L Surnames

LivingtonA Mborn about 1904
LivingtonHelen born about 1907
LivingtonRodney born about 1936

M Surnames

MessersmithJosephine born about 1910
MessersmithWilliam born about 1915
MuddEdward born about 1869
MuddMargaret born about 1876

R Surnames

ReichleAdeline born about 1863
ReichleGeorge born about 1919
ReichleLeo born about 1921
ReichleWilliam born about 1917

T Surnames

TownsendCarol Leeborn about 1936
TownsendChester born about 1904
TownsendEula born about 1899

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