Carmi Genealogy (in White County, IL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Carmi Cemetery Records

Barth Cemetery Find a Grave

Burrell Cemetery Find a Grave

Carmi Cemetery Find a Grave

Cleveland Cemetery Find a Grave

Hadden Cemetery Find a Grave

Kingdom Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Melrose Cemetery Find a Grave

Miller Cemetery Find a Grave

North Maple Ridge Cemetery Find a Grave

Rebstock Cemetery Find a Grave

Reib Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Polycarp Cemetery Find a Grave

Shipley Cemetery Find a Grave

The Old Cemetery of Carmi, Illinois 1817-1966 Family History Library

The Old Graveyard Find a Grave

White County Memorial Garden Find a Grave

White County Poor Farm Cemetery Find a Grave

Carmi Church Records

Church records, 1898-1932 (First United Methodist Church (Carmi, Illinois)) Family History Library

Illinois, White County, Carmi, St. Polycarp Parish, church records, 1870-1956 Family History Library

Carmi Death Records

Carmi Times 10/22/2009 - Current Genealogy Bank

Weekly times obituaries (Carmi, Illinois) Allen County Public Library

Carmi Histories and Genealogies

History of Carmi, 1810 to 1820 Family History Library

Sesquicentennial, Carmi, Illinois, 1816-1966 Family History Library

White County journalism : a very brief resume of the county's newspaper history, with a backward glance at what was happening in Carmi 100 years ago, 1858 Family History Library

Carmi Newspapers and Obituaries

Carmi Courier. (Carmi, Ill.) 1884-1898 Multiple Archives

Carmi Dollar Courier. (Carmi, Ill.) 1881-1883 Multiple Archives

Carmi Times 10/22/2009 - Current Genealogy Bank

Carmi Times 1965-1966

Carmi Times 1965-1966 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Carmi Times Sesquicentennial Edition, Dec. 9, 1965 Family History Library

Carmi Times. (Carmi, White Co., Ill.) 1879-1911 Multiple Archives

Carmi Times. (Carmi, White County, Ill.) 1950-Current Multiple Archives

Carmi Tribune-Times. (Carmi, Ill.) 1911-1929 Multiple Archives

Carmi Weekly Courier. (Carmi, Ill.) 1869-1881 Multiple Archives

Carmi Weekly Times. (Carmi, White County, Ill.) 1872-1879 Multiple Archives

Obituaries from Carmi Times Newspaper, Carmi, Illinois, November 1, 2000-Oct. 30, 2001 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Weekly times obituaries (Carmi, Illinois) Allen County Public Library

White County Courier-Democrat. (Carmi, Ill.) 1883-1884 Multiple Archives

White County Democrat. (Carmi, Ill.) 1897-1929 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

White County Tribune. (Carmi, Ill.) 1909-1911 Multiple Archives

White County Weekly Democrat. (Carmi, White Co., Ill.) 1880s-1883 Multiple Archives