Sullivan Genealogy (in Moultrie County, IL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Sullivan Cemetery Records

Bracken Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Camfield Cemetery Find a Grave

Carter-Ellis Cemetery Find a Grave

Daugherty Cemetery Find a Grave

Greenhill Cemetery Family History Library

Greenhill Cemetery Allen County Public Library

Greenhill Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Greenhill Cemetery Find a Grave

Hampton Cemetery Find a Grave

Pea Cemetery Find a Grave

Smyser Cemetery Find a Grave

Sullivan Church Records

Church records, 1840-1987 (Jonathan Creek Christian Church (Sullivan, Illinois)) Family History Library

Church records, 1889-1986 (First United Methodist Church (Sullivan, Illinois)) Family History Library

First Presbyterian Church, Sullivan, Illinois Family History Library

Membership rolls, 1885-1958 (Sullivan Methodist Church (Illinois)) Family History Library

Sullivan Death Records

Death certificates, 1916-1932 Family History Library

Death register : Illinois, Moultrie County, Sullivan. Newberry Library

Register of funerals, 1856-1924 Family History Library

Sullivan Histories and Genealogies

Century I, notes on Sullivan, Illinois, 1845-1872-1972 : a guidebook to historic sites Family History Library

Historic sites in the city of Sullivan,1845-1973 Family History Library

Notes on the history of Moultrie County and Sullivan, Illinois Family History Library

Sullivan Newspapers and Obituaries

Moultrie County News. (Sullivan, Moultrie County, Ill.) 1886-1981 Multiple Archives

News Progress. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1981-Current Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Sullivan Democrat. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1860s-1860s Multiple Archives

Sullivan News. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1880s-1886 Multiple Archives

Sullivan Plaindealer. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1872-1874 New York Historical Society

Sullivan Progress. (Sullivan, Moultrie County, Ill.) 1860s-1981 Multiple Archives