Sullivan Genealogy (in Moultrie County, IL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Sullivan Cemetery Records

Bracken Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Camfield Cemetery Find a Grave

Carter-Ellis Cemetery Find a Grave

Daugherty Cemetery Find a Grave

Greenhill Cemetery Allen County Public Library

Greenhill Cemetery Family History Library

Greenhill Cemetery Find a Grave

Greenhill Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Hampton Cemetery Find a Grave

Pea Cemetery Find a Grave

Smyser Cemetery Find a Grave

Sullivan Church Records

Church records, 1840-1987 (Jonathan Creek Christian Church (Sullivan, Illinois)) Family History Library

Church records, 1889-1986 (First United Methodist Church (Sullivan, Illinois)) Family History Library

First Presbyterian Church, Sullivan, Illinois Family History Library

Membership rolls, 1885-1958 (Sullivan Methodist Church (Illinois)) Family History Library

Sullivan Death Records

Death certificates, 1916-1932 Family History Library

Death register : Illinois, Moultrie County, Sullivan. Newberry Library

Register of funerals, 1856-1924 Family History Library

Sullivan Histories and Genealogies

Notes on the history of Moultrie County and Sullivan, Illinois Family History Library

Sullivan Newspapers and Obituaries

Moultrie County News. (Sullivan, Moultrie County, Ill.) 1886-1981 Multiple Archives

News Progress. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1981-Current Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Sullivan Democrat. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1860s-1860s Multiple Archives

Sullivan News. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1880s-1886 Multiple Archives

Sullivan Plaindealer. (Sullivan, Ill.) 1872-1874 New York Historical Society

Sullivan Progress. (Sullivan, Moultrie County, Ill.) 1860s-1981 Multiple Archives