Vandalia Genealogy (in Fayette County, IL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Vandalia Cemetery Records

Boaz Cemetery Find a Grave

Britton Cemetery Find a Grave

Causey Cemetery in Bear Grove Find a Grave

Fayette County Farm Cemetery Find a Grave

Haley Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

Morton Cemetery Find a Grave

Mother of Dolors Cemetery Find a Grave

Pinhook Cemetery Find a Grave

Potter's Field (Vandalia) Find a Grave

Ritter Cemetery Find a Grave

Seminary Cemetery Find a Grave

South Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Sperry Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Taylor Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Vandalia City Cemetery Find a Grave

Vandalia Court Records

Searching the records : begins with the Gereral Assembly of 1828-9, at Vandalia, Illinois : that year Macoupin County got government life : from this time to the end of the year 1869 the records have been searched for the truth of this book : this covers the construction of the tree court houses Family History Library

Vandalia Death Records

Vandalia : wilderness capital of Lincoln's land Family History Library

Vandalia Leader-Union 1/19/2011 - Current Genealogy Bank

Vandalia Histories and Genealogies

High on the Okaw's western bank : Vandalia, Illinois, 1819-39 Family History Library

Historical souvenir of Vandalia, Illinois : being a brief review of the city from date of founding to the present Family History Library

Searching the Records : Begins With the General Assembly of 1828-9, at Vandalia, Illinois Ancestry

Vandalia Newspapers and Obituaries

Age of Steam. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1852-1840s Multiple Archives

Fayette Yeoman. (Vandalia, Fayette Co., Ills. [Ill.]) 1849-1851 Multiple Archives

Illinois Advocate 1/5/1833 - 8/5/1835 Genealogy Bank

Illinois Advocate [Microform]. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1831-1833 Multiple Archives

Illinois Advocate and State Register [Microform]. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1833-1835 Cornell University

Illinois Advocate. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1835-1836 Multiple Archives

Illinois Intelligencer 01/29/1824-01/07/1832 Genealogy Bank

Illinois Intelligencer 1/27/1819 - 3/5/1822 Genealogy Bank

Illinois State Register and People's Advocate. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1836-1839 Multiple Archives

Leader-Union. (Vandalia, Fayette County, Ill.) 1983-Current Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Vandalia Free Press, and Illinois Whig. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1837-1843 Multiple Archives

Vandalia Free Press. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1836-1837 Multiple Archives

Vandalia Leader-Union 1/19/2011 - Current Genealogy Bank

Vandalia Leader-Union. (Vandalia, Fayette County, Ill.) 1979-1982 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Vandalia Union. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1880s-1978 Multiple Archives

Vandalia Whig and Illinois Intelligencer. (Vandalia, Ill.) 1832-1830s Multiple Archives