Warsaw Genealogy (in Hancock County, IL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Warsaw Cemetery Records

Catholic Cemetery Billion Graves

Daugherty Cemetery Find a Grave

Green Plains Cemetery Find a Grave

Harris Find a Grave

Lutheran Cemetery Find a Grave

Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Cemetery Find a Grave

Oakland Cemetery, Warsaw Township, Hancock Co., Illinois Family History Library

Sacred Heart Cemetery Find a Grave

Warsaw Church Records

Church records, 1855-1876, 1925 (Wythe Presbyterian Church (Warsaw, Illinois)) Family History Library

Warsaw Histories and Genealogies

In days beyond recall [1854-1873] Family History Library

The Warsaw diary : a look at a small farm town in the Second World War Family History Library

Warsaw Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Warsaw City Bulletin. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1857-1860s Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Hancock New Era. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1864-1865 Multiple Archives

Public Record. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1865-1867 Multiple Archives

Warsaw Bulletin. (Warsaw [Ill.]) 1863-1860s Multiple Archives

Warsaw Bulletin. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1867-1973 Multiple Archives

Warsaw City Bulletin. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1856-1863 Multiple Archives

Warsaw Courier. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1871-1874 New York Historical Society

Warsaw Message. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1843-1844 Multiple Archives

Warsaw Newspaper Extracts and Clippings, Ca. 1851-1965 (Illinois) Family History Library

Warsaw Signal [Microform]. (Warsaw, Illinois) 1841-1853 Princeton University

Warsaw Signal and Agricultural, Literary and Commercial Register. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1844-1845 Multiple Archives

Warsaw Signal. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1841-1842 Multiple Archives

Warsaw Signal. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1845-1850 Multiple Archives

Warsaw Signal. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1851-1853 Multiple Archives

Warsaw Weekly Express. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1853-1855 Multiple Archives

Warsaw message 1843-1844 Family History Library

Western World. (Warsaw, Ill.) 1840-1841 Multiple Archives

Warsaw School Records

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Warsaw High School 1969, 1971-74) Ancestry