1940 U.S. Federal Census of Scott in Scott County, Scott, Indiana

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USA > Indiana > Scott County > 1940 Census of Scott in Scott County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames G Surnames H Surnames L Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AdamsSharon born about 1931

B Surnames

BuxtonSue Annborn about 1939

C Surnames

CoenHoward born about 1916
CoenRaymond born about 1927
CoenRobert born about 1921
CoenToilie born about 1897
CoxBarbara born about 1932
CoxFrances Tborn about 1909
CoxGeorge Wborn about 1904
CoxHazel born about 1930

D Surnames

DuganBetty born about 1927
DuganGeorge Russellborn about 1896
DuganJohn Robertborn about 1932
DuganMary Glenborn about 1906

G Surnames

GleasonMyrtle Lborn about 1883
GleasonMyrtle Maryborn about 1912

H Surnames

HewittGary Williamborn about 1939
HewittGladys born about 1909
HewittRalph Wborn about 1914

L Surnames

LowMary Francesborn about 1862

S Surnames

SchantzAlfred born about 1896
SchantzEthel born about 1902
SchantzLoren born about 1926

T Surnames

ThompsonGeorgia born about 1882
ThompsonJacob born about 1923
ThompsonOtis born about 1879

W Surnames

WilderSarah Jborn about 1860

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