Marion County IN Census Records

USA (880,998) > Indiana (35,521) > Marion County (1,683) > Marion County Census Records (9)

USA (880,998) > Indiana (35,521) > Indiana Census Records (991) > Marion County Census Records (9)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Indiana Census Records page.

Marion County Census Records

1790-1940 U.S. Census Records Ancestry

1790-1940 U.S. Federal Population Census

Names of Persons Enumerated in Marion County, Indiana, at the Fifth Census Ancestry

United States Federal Census, 1790-1940 Family Search

Indianapolis Census Records

Danish Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church records, Indianapolis, Indiana Genealogy Gophers

Index, membership record book, 1851-1883, 3rd Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana Genealogy Gophers

Methodist Episcopal Church; historical sketch and dedicatory exercises, Aug. 27, 1876 Genealogy Gophers

Official map of the city of Indianapolis showing new ward and precinct boundaries established March 24th, 1926 : approved by 1927 Board of City Election Commissioners, April 28, 1927 for special election June 21, 1927 Family History Library

The church, God's building : a historical discourse, delivered, Dec. 22, 1867, at the opening of the new chapel of the Second Presbyterian Church, Indianpolis [sic] Indiana Genealogy Gophers

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