1940 U.S. Federal Census of Sandy Hook, Elliott, Kentucky

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USA > Kentucky > Elliott County > 1940 Census of Sandy Hook

C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

C Surnames

CaldwellBert Cborn about 1913
CaldwellElsie born about 1915
CaldwellPhoebe born about 1938
CrispDonald Lborn about 1927
CrispJohn born about 1894
CrispJohn L Jrborn about 1922
CrispMattie Mborn about 1924
CrispNorma Eborn about 1902

D Surnames

DavisCurt born about 1911
DavisD Rogerborn about 1931
DavisDelma Rborn about 1912
DavisO Curtisborn about 1938

F Surnames

FosterDella born about 1887
FosterLa Verna born about 1926
FosterPerry Lborn about 1889

H Surnames

HibbardCoy born about 1912
HibbardVirginia born about 1920
HunterEmma born about 1883
HunterRobert Vborn about 1916

J Surnames

JaynerNora born about 1880
JaynerWilliam Hborn about 1877

L Surnames

LeadinghamGoldie Mborn about 1912
LeadinghamLaurence born about 1916
LeadinghamLucy Fborn about 1882
LeadinghamOlette Jewelborn about 1918
LeadinghamWalter Lborn about 1882

M Surnames

MillerAddie Eborn about 1917
MillerNila born about 1878
MillerPauline born about 1919
MillerStella born about 1921
MillerWilma Jborn about 1939

S Surnames

SalyersAlpha born about 1901

W Surnames

WilliamsArnold born about 1912
WilliamsMary Hborn about 1918
WilliamsNan Hborn about 1878
WoodridgeBobby born about 1937
WoodridgeCharlie born about 1924
WoodridgeEthel born about 1894
WoodridgeLogan born about 1892
WoodridgeNadine born about 1931

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