Bardstown Genealogy (in Nelson County, KY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Bardstown Cemetery Records

First Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Hill-Troutman Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Hoagland Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Little Union Baptist Church Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Poplar Flats Cemetery Find a Grave

Bardstown Church Records

Church records, 1810-1916 (First Presbyterian Church (Bardstown, Kentucky)) Family History Library

Saint Joseph Church, Bardstown, Ky., baptismal register 1823-1861 : book one and book two. Kenton County Public Library District

The Story of St. Joseph's Proto-Cathedral and its paintings Family History Library

Bardstown Death Records

Kentucky Standard 9/29/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Bardstown Histories and Genealogies

Bardstown : town of tradition Genealogy Gophers

Bardstown, town of tradition Family History Library

Historic Bardstown and my old Kentucky home Family History Library

Historic Bardstown, Nelson County Family History Library

Historic Nelson County, its towns and people Family History Library

Plan of Bardstown (1824), Kentucky Family History Library

The Charters and ordinances of Bardstown, Ky Family History Library

Bardstown Miscellaneous Records

Bardstown, Kentucky, Journal B 1805 and Day Book 1805- 1807 Family History Library

Bardstown Newspapers and Obituaries

Bardstown Herald (Kentucky) Family History Library

Bardstown Herald. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1851-1855 American Antiquarian Society

Bardstown KY Herald 1828-1855 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Nelson County Record 1877-1901 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Saturday Gazette 1856-1857 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Standard 1900-1926 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Western American 1805-1808 Fulton History

Bardstown Repository 06/29/1814-10/30/1816 Genealogy Bank

Bardstown Repository. Volume (Bardstown, Ky.) 1812-1820s Multiple Archives

Candid Review 07/14/1807-08/27/1810 Genealogy Bank

Candid Review. (Bairdstown [I.E. Bardstown], Ky.) 1807-1810s Multiple Archives

Catholic Advocate, and Journal of Useful Literature, and General Intelligence. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1830s-1840s Multiple Archives

Kentucky Standard 9/29/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Kentucky Standard. (Bardstown, Ky) 1900-Current Multiple Archives

Nelson County Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1875-1890s Multiple Archives

Nelson County Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1899-1900s Multiple Archives

Nelson County, Kentucky Newspaper Abstracts, 1895 To 1902 Family History Library

Nelson Enterprise. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1908-1912 Multiple Archives

Nelson News. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1914-1918 Multiple Archives

Nelson Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1890s-1898 Multiple Archives

Newspaper Clippings of the Minutes (Oct. 1789 - April 6, 1827) of the Trustees of Bardstown, Kentucky : As Published in the Kentucky Standard (Bardstown, Kentucky), 1936-1937 Family History Library

The Bardstown Gazette (Kentucky) Family History Library

The Bardstown Observer (Kentucky) 1900 Family History Library

Twice-A-Week Nelson County Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1900s-1902 Multiple Archives

Western American 9/6/1803 - 12/21/1804 Genealogy Bank

Western American. (Bairdstown, K. [I.E. Bardstown, Ky.]) 1803-1800s Multiple Archives

Western Herald. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1825-1827 Multiple Archives

Western herald (Kentucky) 1825-1828 Family History Library

Bardstown School Records

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Bardstown High School 1976) Ancestry