Bardstown Genealogy (in Nelson County, KY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Bardstown Cemetery Records

First Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Hill-Troutman Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Hoagland Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Little Union Baptist Church Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Poplar Flats Cemetery Find a Grave

Bardstown Church Records

Church records, 1810-1916 (First Presbyterian Church (Bardstown, Kentucky)) Family History Library

The Story of St. Joseph's Proto-Cathedral and its paintings Family History Library

Bardstown Death Records

Kentucky Standard 9/29/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Bardstown Newspapers and Obituaries

Bardstown Herald (Kentucky) Family History Library

Bardstown Herald. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1851-1855 American Antiquarian Society

Bardstown KY Herald 1828-1855 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Nelson County Record 1877-1901 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Saturday Gazette 1856-1857 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Standard 1900-1926 Fulton History

Bardstown KY Western American 1805-1808 Fulton History

Bardstown Repository 06/29/1814-10/30/1816 Genealogy Bank

Bardstown Repository. Volume (Bardstown, Ky.) 1812-1820s Multiple Archives

Candid Review 07/14/1807-08/27/1810 Genealogy Bank

Candid Review. (Bairdstown [I.E. Bardstown], Ky.) 1807-1810s Multiple Archives

Catholic Advocate, and Journal of Useful Literature, and General Intelligence. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1830s-1840s Multiple Archives

Kentucky Standard 9/29/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Kentucky Standard. (Bardstown, Ky) 1900-Current Multiple Archives

Nelson County Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1875-1890s Multiple Archives

Nelson County Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1899-1900s Multiple Archives

Nelson County, Kentucky Newspaper Abstracts, 1895 To 1902 Family History Library

Nelson Enterprise. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1908-1912 Multiple Archives

Nelson News. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1914-1918 Multiple Archives

Nelson Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1890s-1898 Multiple Archives

Newspaper Clippings of the Minutes (Oct. 1789 - April 6, 1827) of the Trustees of Bardstown, Kentucky : As Published in the Kentucky Standard (Bardstown, Kentucky), 1936-1937 Family History Library

The Bardstown Gazette (Kentucky) Family History Library

The Bardstown Observer (Kentucky) 1900 Family History Library

Twice-A-Week Nelson County Record. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1900s-1902 Multiple Archives

Western American 9/6/1803 - 12/21/1804 Genealogy Bank

Western American. (Bairdstown, K. [I.E. Bardstown, Ky.]) 1803-1800s Multiple Archives

Western Herald. (Bardstown, Ky.) 1825-1827 Multiple Archives

Western herald (Kentucky) 1825-1828 Family History Library

Bardstown School Records

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Bardstown High School 1976) Ancestry