Harrodsburg Genealogy (in Mercer County, KY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Harrodsburg Cemetery Records

Berea Christian Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Bruners Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Burials at Maple Grove Cemetery, Cornishville Street, Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Kentucky Historical Society

Cemetery records, 1860 Family History Library

Deep Creek Cemetery Find a Grave

Harrodsburg's historic tablets and their wording : a pamphlet furnishing in an agreeable manner the wording of historic tablets and epitaphs on tombs of notable personages Family History Library

Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Mud Meeting House Cemetery Find a Grave

New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery (est. 1785). Kentucky Historical Society

Spring Hill Cemetery (Images) US Gen Web Archives

Spring Hill Cemetery records, 1860-1994 Family History Library

Harrodsburg Church Records

A Historic sketch of the old Mud Meeting House : prepared for the centennial celebration Family History Library

First Presbyterian Church, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 1783-1883 Genealogy Gophers

First Presbyterian Church, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 1783-1883 Family History Library

Historic Sketch of 'Old Mud Meeting House.' Family History Library

Manual of the First Presbyterian Church, Harrodsburgh, Ky Family History Library

Old Shakertown and the Shakers : a brief history of the rise of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming ; the establishment of the Pleasant Hill Colony, their beliefs, customs and pathetic end Family History Library

Old mud meeting house : built in the year 1800 by the Dutch Reformed Church, Mercer County, Kentucky Family History Library

Harrodsburg Court Records

Court records, 1789-1798 Family History Library

Harrodsburg Death Records

Newspaper Death Notices, 1922-1927 Family History Library

Harrodsburg Histories and Genealogies

Harrod's old fort, 1791 : as described and platted in Benjamin Van Cleve's manuscript biographical memorandum dating from the year 1773 Family History Library

Heroes of early Harrodsburg : the important part played in Kentucky history by the oldest town in the state Family History Library

Mercer County and its history Family History Library

Harrodsburg Newspapers and Obituaries

Central Watchtower, and Farmer's Journal. (Harrodsburg [Ky.]) 1827-1830 Multiple Archives

Harrodsburg Democrat. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 1880s-1909 Multiple Archives

Harrodsburg Sayings. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 1880s-1894 Multiple Archives

Hartford Evening Press. Volume (None) 1856-1868 Multiple Archives

Kentucky People 3/18/1870 - 8/25/1871 Genealogy Bank

Kentucky People. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 1869-1875 Multiple Archives

Kentucky Republican. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 1909-1910s Multiple Archives

Mercer Banner. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 1930s-1933 Multiple Archives

National Republican. (Washington City (D.C.)) 1872-1888 Multiple Archives

Newspaper Death Notices, 1922-1927 Family History Library

Obituaries, Harrodsburg, Mercer County KY Family History Library

Observer and Reporter. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 1875-1870s Multiple Archives

Sayings. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 1894-1899 Multiple Archives

The Harrodsburg herald 1902-1916 Family History Library

Harrodsburg Tax Records

Stray book & tax records, Mercer County, Kentucky, 1787-1806 Family History Library