Saint Francisville Genealogy (in West Feliciana Parish, LA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Saint Francisville Cemetery Records

Feliciana Cemetery Find a Grave

Mount Carmel Cemetery and Mausoleum Find a Grave

Pilgrim Rest Cemetery Find a Grave

Star Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Francisville Church Records

Diocese of Baton Rouge, Catholic Church records : East and West Baton Rouge parishes and Feliciana records 1800-1880 : individuals without surnames Family History Library

Saint Francisville Newspapers and Obituaries

Asylum and Feliciana Advertiser. (St. Francisville [La.]) 1820-1823 Multiple Archives

Dunn Leader. (St. Francisville, La.) 1872-1875 Multiple Archives

Feliciana Herald. (St. Francisville, La.) 1896-1898 Louisiana State University

Feliciana Republican. (St. Francisville, La.) 1868-1872 Multiple Archives

Feliciana Sentinel (Louisiana/United States) [St. Francisville, La.] 18 August 1877 to 3 December 1892 Elephind

Feliciana Sentinel 1876-1891

Feliciana Sentinel. (St. Francisville, La.) 1877-1892 Multiple Archives

Feliciana sentinel (St. Francisville, La., from 1877-08-18 to 1892-12-03) Chronicling America

Louisiana Chronicle. (St. Francisville [La.]) 1838-1854 Multiple Archives

Louisianian 5/8/1819 - 5/27/1820 Genealogy Bank

Louisianian [Microform]. (St. Francisville, La.) 1819-1820 Multiple Archives

Louisianian. (St. Francisville, La.) 1819-1820 Multiple Archives

Madison County Herald. (Peterboro) 1813-1818 Multiple Archives

Phenix. (St. Francisville, La.) 1832-1835 Multiple Archives

St. Francisville Democrat. (St. Francisville, West Feliciana Parish, La.) 1928-Current Multiple Archives

The Feliciana Herald 1896-1898

The True Democrat 1896-1918

The semi-weekly Republican (St. Francisville, La., from 1872-03-08 to 1872-11-02) Chronicling America

Time Piece 04/25/1811-01/07/1815 Genealogy Bank

True democrat 1895-1928 Family History Library

West Feliciana Sentinel (Louisiana/United States) [St. Francisville, La.] 30 August 1876 to 11 August 1877 Elephind

West Feliciana Sentinel. (St. Francisville, La.) 1876-1877 Louisiana State University

West Feliciana sentinel (St. Francisville, La., from 1876-08-30 to 1877-08-11) Chronicling America