Saint Landry Parish LA Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Louisiana Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Saint Landry Parish Newspapers and Obituaries

Genealogy newspaper columns in Louisiana Family History Library

The Daily World, 150th Anniversary Edition : 1955, Some History of St. Landry Parish from the 1690's Family History Library

Eunice Newspapers and Obituaries

Eunice News 10/2/2009 - Current Genealogy Bank

Eunice News. (Eunice, La.) 1951-Current Multiple Archives

Index to death notices in the Eunice new era and the Eunice news, 1924-1974 McNeese State University

New Era. (Eunice, La.) 1919-1951 Multiple Archives

The Eunice News 1919-2004

Opelousas Newspapers and Obituaries

Clarion-News 1921-1951

Clarion-News. (Opelousas, La.) 1929-1951 Multiple Archives

Clarion-Progress. (Opelousas, La.) 1921-1928 Multiple Archives

Daily Clarion-Progress 1922-1923

Daily World 1939-2018

Daily World. (Opelousas, La.) 1939-1953 Multiple Archives

Daily World. (Opelousas, La.) 1955-Current Multiple Archives

Marriage Contracts of the Opelousas Post, 1766-1803 Family History Library

Opelousas Courier, The (Louisiana/United States) [Opelousas, La.] 11 December 1852 to 5 February 1910 Elephind

Opelousas Courier. (Opelousas, La.) 1852-1910 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Daily World. (Opelousas, La.) 1953-1955 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Gazette. (Opelousas, La.) 1827-1866 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Herald. (Opelousas, La.) 1929-1951 Louisiana State University

Opelousas Journal. (Opelousas, La.) 1868-1878 Multiple Archives

Opelousas News 1927-1928

Opelousas News. (Opelousas, La.) 1927-1928 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Patriot. (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La.) 1855-1863 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Clarion (Louisiana/United States) [Opelousas, La.] 11 October 1890 to 19 November 1921 Elephind

St. Landry Clarion 1890-1921

St. Landry Clarion. (Opelousas, La.) 1890-1921 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Commoner. (Opelousas, La.) 1910-1912 Louisiana State University

St. Landry Democrat 1868-1878

St. Landry Democrat. (Opelousas, La.) 1878-1894 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Progress. (Opelousas, La.) 1867-1868 Louisiana State University

St. Landry Progress. ([Opelousas], La.) 1916-1917 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Whig. (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La.) 1844-1855 Multiple Archives

St. Landry clarion (Opelousas, La., from 1890-10-11 to 1921-11-19) Chronicling America

St. Landry democrat (Opelousas, La., from 1878-01-19 to 1894-02-24) Chronicling America

Star-Progress. (Opelousas, La.) 1917-1921 Multiple Archives

The Opelousas Courier 1852-1910

The Opelousas Patriot 1844-1861

The Opelousas courier (Opelousas, La., from 1852-12-11 to 1910-02-05) Chronicling America

The Opelousas journal. [volume] (Opelousas, La., from 1868-01-04 to 1878-01-05) Chronicling America

The Opelousas patriot. [volume] (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La., from 1855-03-03 to 1861-10-12) Chronicling America

The St. Landry whig. [volume] (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La., from 1844-09-05 to 1846-07-18) Chronicling America

The Star-Progress 1917-1919

The star-progress (Opelousas, La., from 1919-10-04 to 1921-11-09) Chronicling America

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