Saint Landry Parish LA Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Louisiana Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Saint Landry Parish Newspapers and Obituaries

1800s-current, Obituary Index Ancestry

Genealogy newspaper columns in Louisiana Family History Library

The Daily World, 150th Anniversary Edition : 1955, Some History of St. Landry Parish from the 1690's Family History Library

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-current Ancestry

Eunice Newspapers and Obituaries

Eunice News 10/2/2009 - Current Genealogy Bank

Eunice News. (Eunice, La.) 1951-Current Multiple Archives

Index to death notices in the Eunice new era and the Eunice news, 1924-1974 McNeese State University

New Era. (Eunice, La.) 1919-1951 Multiple Archives

The Eunice News 1919-2004

Opelousas Newspapers and Obituaries

Clarion-News 1921-1951

Clarion-News. (Opelousas, La.) 1929-1951 Multiple Archives

Clarion-Progress. (Opelousas, La.) 1921-1928 Multiple Archives

Daily Clarion-Progress 1922-1923

Daily World 1939-2018

Daily World. (Opelousas, La.) 1939-1953 Multiple Archives

Daily World. (Opelousas, La.) 1955-Current Multiple Archives

Marriage Contracts of the Opelousas Post, 1766-1803 Family History Library

Opelousas Courier, The (Louisiana/United States) [Opelousas, La.] 11 December 1852 to 5 February 1910 Elephind

Opelousas Courier. (Opelousas, La.) 1852-1910 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Daily World. (Opelousas, La.) 1953-1955 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Gazette. (Opelousas, La.) 1827-1866 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Herald. (Opelousas, La.) 1929-1951 Louisiana State University

Opelousas Journal. (Opelousas, La.) 1868-1878 Multiple Archives

Opelousas News 1927-1928

Opelousas News. (Opelousas, La.) 1927-1928 Multiple Archives

Opelousas Patriot. (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La.) 1855-1863 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Clarion (Louisiana/United States) [Opelousas, La.] 11 October 1890 to 19 November 1921 Elephind

St. Landry Clarion 1890-1921

St. Landry Clarion. (Opelousas, La.) 1890-1921 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Commoner. (Opelousas, La.) 1910-1912 Louisiana State University

St. Landry Democrat 1868-1878

St. Landry Democrat. (Opelousas, La.) 1878-1894 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Progress. (Opelousas, La.) 1867-1868 Louisiana State University

St. Landry Progress. ([Opelousas], La.) 1916-1917 Multiple Archives

St. Landry Whig. (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La.) 1844-1855 Multiple Archives

St. Landry clarion (Opelousas, La., from 1890-10-11 to 1921-11-19) Chronicling America

St. Landry democrat (Opelousas, La., from 1878-01-19 to 1894-02-24) Chronicling America

Star-Progress. (Opelousas, La.) 1917-1921 Multiple Archives

The Opelousas Courier 1852-1910

The Opelousas Patriot 1844-1861

The Opelousas courier (Opelousas, La., from 1852-12-11 to 1910-02-05) Chronicling America

The Opelousas journal. [volume] (Opelousas, La., from 1868-01-04 to 1878-01-05) Chronicling America

The Opelousas patriot. [volume] (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La., from 1855-03-03 to 1861-10-12) Chronicling America

The St. Landry whig. [volume] (Opelousas, Parish of St. Landry, La., from 1844-09-05 to 1846-07-18) Chronicling America

The Star-Progress 1917-1919

The star-progress (Opelousas, La., from 1919-10-04 to 1921-11-09) Chronicling America