1940 U.S. Federal Census of Mabank, Suffolk, Massachusetts

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USA > Massachusetts > Suffolk County > 1940 Census of Mabank

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames K Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames T Surnames

A Surnames

ArielBessie Eborn about 1914
ArielEmary Aborn about 1891
ArielEmery A Jrborn about 1915
ArielEmery Dborn about 1936
ArielFred Eborn about 1913
ArielSusan Cborn about 1890

B Surnames

BanonJames born about 1904
BanonMargaret born about 1938
BanonTheresa born about 1902
BurkeJohn Hborn about 1880

C Surnames

CummingsBarbara born about 1935
CummingsCharles born about 1936
CummingsCharles Jborn about 1908
CummingsMary born about 1913

D Surnames

DonahueEdward born about 1939
DonahueKenneth Eborn about 1910
DonahueMargaret born about 1916

F Surnames

FilbinAlice Mborn about 1914
FilbinJohn Tborn about 1915

G Surnames

GreenMichael born about 1907

H Surnames

HallMary born about 1908
HallMary Pborn about 1937
HallPatrick Jborn about 1896
HowarthLouise Cborn about 1884

K Surnames

KearnsHelen born about 1910
KearnsJoanne born about 1939
KearnsJoseph born about 1906
KearnsSusanna born about 1933

M Surnames

ManardoAnthony born about 1920
ManardoJoseph born about 1882

P Surnames

PeckhamJessie born about 1905
PeckhamJohn born about 1901
PeckhamJohn Wborn about 1930
PottsArline Pborn about 1921

R Surnames

RockeEvelyn born about 1908
RockePatricia born about 1932
RockeThomas born about 1900
RockeThomas Jr born about 1930

T Surnames

TaplinJames born about 1916
TaplinJosephine born about 1916

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