1940 U.S. Federal Census of Monroe, Franklin, Massachusetts

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USA > Massachusetts > Franklin County > 1940 Census of Monroe

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A Surnames

AndogniniGiulio C Jrborn about 1936
AndogniniGiulio C Srborn about 1898
AndogniniMary Rborn about 1900
AndogniniOlga Rborn about 1932
AndogniniTeresa Rborn about 1922

B Surnames

BallowPearl Lborn about 1894
BallowRalph Lborn about 1882
BallowRichard Wborn about 1920
BallowWalter Bborn about 1919
BensonAdelbert Jr born about 1934
BensonAdelbert Sr born about 1900
BensonBert Eborn about 1929
BensonEva Mborn about 1931
BensonFrancis Rborn about 1924
BensonLawrence Mborn about 1935
BensonMary Aborn about 1906
BlaireHattie Mborn about 1876
BowenBessie Mborn about 1893
BowenEarl Aborn about 1890

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C Surnames

CormieaFred Jborn about 1900
CreekFlossie Eborn about 1896
CreekFloyd Bborn about 1900
CreekForest Janeborn about 1929
CreekMary born about 1919
CreekRussell Gborn about 1920
CreekVon Mborn about 1922

D Surnames

DarinTony born about 1900
DavisWalter Cborn about 1893
DegaraMarian Eborn about 1916
DegaraMarjorie Eborn about 1937
DegaraMarlene born about 1939
DegaraMartin Rborn about 1913

E Surnames

EarlyRobert Bborn about 1911
EarlyShannon Bborn about 1909
EilersAnna Cborn about 1900
EilersCharles Rborn about 1930
EilersJoseph Fborn about 1933
EilersRaymond Jborn about 1891

F Surnames

FranchessechettiFlorence born about 1924
FranchessechettiLivia born about 1921
FurlanDoris born about 1913
FurlanEvanell born about 1936
FurlanLaura Aborn about 1938
FurlanLouis born about 1912

G Surnames

GardnerCherolyn Eborn about 1912
GardnerConstance Aborn about 1933
GardnerNewman Gborn about 1909
GuimmondAlexander born about 1868

H Surnames

HubleyBarbara Mborn about 1927
HubleyDorothy Jborn about 1920
HubleyJean Eborn about 1931
HubleyKathleen Iborn about 1899
HubleyRoy Wborn about 1921
HubleyRussell Sborn about 1899
HubleyRussell Sborn about 1934

K Surnames

KelliherRobert Jborn about 1890

L Surnames

LabelleEdward Cborn about 1912
LabelleRuth Mborn about 1912
LaperriereAlice Mborn about 1898
LaperriereDelores Mborn about 1925
LaperriereGaston Jborn about 1922
LaperriereLawrence Jborn about 1920
LaperriereLillian Gborn about 1923
LaperriereWilbur Aborn about 1896
LavanwayAlta Rborn about 1938
LavanwayBernice Eborn about 1931
LavanwayClarence Jborn about 1896
LavanwayEarlene Bborn about 1910
LavanwayHarold Eborn about 1903
LavanwayMyrna Mborn about 1934

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M Surnames

McCreaElmira Jborn about 1895
McCreaHiram Gborn about 1908
MellinCarmel Cborn about 1912
MellinHarold Fborn about 1910
MellinJeanne Mborn about 1930

N Surnames

NicoliniModesto born about 1918
NolanJohn Aborn about 1870

P Surnames

PassardiCecelia born about 1868
PassardiDominick born about 1873
PhelpsElmer Dborn about 1864
PhelpsHerman Bborn about 1871
PhelpsMary Fborn about 1876

S Surnames

ShipperDonald Lborn about 1918
ShumwayF Leoborn about 1884
SnowEllsworth born about 1908
StannantRichard Aborn about 1932

T Surnames

TaverniaZeno Aborn about 1900
ThayerElbert Tborn about 1859
TowerBethel Aborn about 1933
TowerChristine Pborn about 1931
TowerClifton R Jrborn about 1930
TowerClifton R Srborn about 1902
TowerDorothy Fborn about 1907
TowerEllen Aborn about 1908
TowerGarland Lborn about 1928
TowerHarold Lborn about 1928
TowerHenry Mborn about 1930
TowerKeneth Eborn about 1933
TowerLeona Mborn about 1934
TowerLouis Hborn about 1895
TowerMira Lborn about 1872
TowerPriscilla Iborn about 1932
TowerSchuyler Rborn about 1868
TudonBernard Pborn about 1918
TurcotteHarry Lborn about 1902
TurcotteHazel Hborn about 1904
TurcotteJanice Rborn about 1929
TurcotteShirley Jborn about 1923

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W Surnames

WagerBrian Hborn about 1940
WagerClaude Cborn about 1916
WagerHelen Fborn about 1915
WagerLinley Jborn about 1936
WagnerMary born about 1932
WagnerRudolph Fborn about 1907
WhiteAlexander Jborn about 1893
WhiteAnthony Aborn about 1920
WhiteHuldah Aborn about 1923
WilkinsonWilliam Aborn about 1921
WilsonMary Dborn about 1913
WilsonMearl Kborn about 1908

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