1940 U.S. Federal Census of Monterey, Berkshire, Massachusetts

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USA > Massachusetts > Berkshire County > 1940 Census of Monterey

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames H Surnames K Surnames M Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames Z Surnames

A Surnames

AndersonHarry born about 1892

B Surnames

BattlesThomas Fborn about 1917
BowlerHorace Jr born about 1904
BrazieDorothy Mborn about 1913
BrazieGeorgie born about 1939
BrazieMaurie Aborn about 1915

C Surnames

ColtDavid Gborn about 1926
ColtHoward Fborn about 1891
ContneyJoel Rborn about 1887

G Surnames

GageEleanor born about 1886
GerigJohn Jborn about 1893
GillcrestElenor born about 1915
GillcrestPamela Eborn about 1939
GillcrestWallace Wborn about 1911
GoodyearCaroline born about 1868
GoodyearJane Eborn about 1886

H Surnames

HaywardIrene born about 1878
HellerBettina Gborn about 1916
HighlandEmma born about 1896
HighlandHerbert Hborn about 1895
HoweHsarold Eborn about 1918

K Surnames

KitchenJohn born about 1905
KlankFred Eborn about 1893
KonzmannOward Wborn about 1909

M Surnames

McKeeJanett Pborn about 1930
McKeeRose Lborn about 1899
McKeeSidney born about 1883
McKeeWilliam Jborn about 1928
MoenSokolowski born about 1913

P Surnames

PersipGeorge born about 1886
PhilipsCecile Oborn about 1904
PhillipsHarry born about 1874
PhillipsMarie Sborn about 1883

S Surnames

SerorcheneF born about 1886
SmithRobert Cborn about 1911
SpaldingJessie Mborn about 1874
SpaldingSamuel Cborn about 1879
SternsMaud E Tborn about 1877
StricherMargrett Rborn about 1886

T Surnames

ThomsonRobert Lborn about 1896
TorreyJohn Fborn about 1877
TuttleAntoinette Hborn about 1874

Z Surnames

ZessigEdn??? born about 1873

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